When Is Virgin River Season 5 Coming Out?

Unfortunately, Virgin River Season 5’s release date is uncertain, presumably because the filming of the new season has just wrapped up. The fifth season’s filming lasted from July 18 through November 21, 2022.

Therefore, it is clear that it will take some time for the network to finish the post-production editing and give the greatest content for the fans before announcing the formal debut to the devoted following.

That’s a WRAP on Season 5, according to the show’s official Instagram account. It also offered a significant update on the forthcoming season by sharing recently released BTS footage from the fifth season’s set with its fans. View the official post down below:

In light of this, the following season is anticipated to be released in the summer of 2023. It’s important to remember that an earlier release date of late May or July 2023 was rumored, which still stands as the best prediction for a Netflix launch at 12:00 (PT) or 3:00 a.m., which is the same time as other episodes on the streaming service (ET).

This will be verified once the series starts to get some new publicity. We want to emphasize that this is simply speculative thinking that the next season might follow the same pattern and be published in a similar period if the network decides to remain with the same schedule. Fans should monitor the show’s social media accounts for any new developments till then.

Virgin River Season 5: What to expect in the new season?

No concrete plot details have been provided, but according to the new showrunner Patrick Sean Smith, “Season 5 picks up shortly after Season 4.” There is no time transition from four to five. He also mentioned that to avoid wasting the enormous cliffhanger, we might or might not learn who Charmaine’s twins’ father is in season 5.

virgin river season 5
virgin river season 5

“In season 5, it’s such a tremendous mystery,he remarked in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. Oh my my, I can’t believe that. That’s what I found so fascinating when I watched it. Breckenridge told Glamour, “I’m hopeful that in the future, we can bring more conversations to the table.”

“We’re adding more LGBTQ+ stories to the program in season five, which I think is fantastic. Since the show’s beginning, I’ve fought for diversity and believe we’ve made significant progress in that direction. With our new showrunner and directors, without a doubt. Netflix is making a sincere effort to diversify its programming.

The actress who plays Melinda “Mel” Monroe, Alexandra Breckenridge, talked about how she thinks this development would impact Jack’s Season 5 plot. She told TV Line that being misled on such a large scale must cause rage and hurt. He made a significant financial, emotional, and mental investment to have these children. He had a strong commitment. I believe Jack will find it difficult to let that go.

Virgin River Season 5: Where To Stream The Series?

Virgin River is only available to stream on Netflix and all prior seasons are also available on the streaming service with a variety of membership packages. The bundle you select will determine the video quality and the number of screens you may stream to simultaneously on the platform. The monthly cost for the basic membership is $9.99, while the monthly charge for the standard membership is $15.49.

virgin river season 5

You can play mobile games and watch movies and TV shows with any of their services. It is now time for you to renew your membership plans, stream, and discover new series and films from the vast library that the service makes available to its subscribers based on their location and chosen program, which users can select based on their interests.

Virgin River Season 4: A Quick Recap

Based on 7 reviews with an average rating of 7/10, the fourth season has a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. According to Netflix, the Virgin River Season 4 official description reads, Mel starts Season Four with hope despite not knowing if her baby belonged to her departed husband, Mark, or Jack.

She has long desired to have children and is one step closer to realizing her goal. Jack is encouraging and happy, but the paternity query keeps bothering him. The appearance of a charming young doctor looking to start a family of his own complicates matters.

Hope is still recovering from her car accident, and the long-term psychological repercussions of her brain injury will have significant effects on both her and Doctor Brie. Desperate to establish the innocence of the man she loves, Hope unintentionally moves closer to Mike and into Calvin’s violent criminal network. The preacher can’t help but hold out hope for reuniting with Christopher and Paige even as he develops a new romantic relationship. View the official trailer down below:

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Final Words

Virgin River season 4’s release date has finally been reached, so we can now look forward to season 5 with renewed excitement. Fans of the popular Netflix series will be aware of this.

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