Venezuela without water: most of the pipes in the country spend 65% of the time empty

Falhas nos sistemas de abastecimento de água são alarmantes, diz ONG venezuelana

Faults in water supply systems are alarming, says Venezuelan NGO

| Photo: EFE


The Venezuelan NGO Monitor Ciudad denounced last Monday (10)) that the country’s drinking water pipes can be up to 65% of the time without supply, due to outages and service failures.

According to a report presented by the organization, “das 14 hours a week, the pipes pass on average more than 65% of the time empty”.

8014055071001 The annual study, corresponding to 2021, which covered the areas of Caracas, Maracaibo, Valencia, Valles del Tuy and the state of Amazonas, reported that “all the aqueducts in the country are without water most of the time”.

8014055071001″Due to the numerous failures in the supply systems, Venezuelans do what they can to to make the most of the few hours of service they receive, storing the largest amount of water in tanks and in any container that serves to reserve it”, highlighted the organization.

8014055071001 In this sense, Monitor Ciudad detailed that those who do not have cisterns to store water pass up to 14 hours a week collecting what is necessary for your daily activities.

8014055071001″Regardless of the region of Venezuela where we monitor, failures in water supply systems are alarming,” the report warned.

Monitor Ciudad confirmed that Amazonas, a state located in southern Venezuela, was the region of the country that received the least hours of water through the pipes in 2021.

“Only 10 hours of service per week (in Amazonas). Its inhabitants subsist by storing water and building artisanal wells”, said the NGO.

8014055071001 )The organization estimates that this year there will be little investment in water and sanitation, and described it as “unlikely” that Venezuelans “perceive significant improvements in the quality of services”.

Different NGOs and organized citizens have been denouncing, for several years, the constant failures in the water service throughout Venezuela.

Recently, dictator Nicolás Maduro asked governors to find “solutions to improve public services in terms of water , electricity, roads, solid waste and gas”, and stated that the resources were “ready” to work on an investment scheme during 2022 .