Valorant Agent 22 Release Date: Function and Capabilities of The Game!

Currently, there are 21 agents in Valorant, with Harbor being the most recent addition. Riot just revealed that this number would grow throughout this year. Finally, Riot released a teaser and officially announced Agent 22 is joining the game soon. The following information about Agent 22 in Valorant includes their release date, name, skills, and other details.

Valorant Agent 22 Release Date

According to Riot Games, Valorant Agent 22 will join the existing roster with Episode 6 Act 2. The exact dates have not yet been made public. If there are no delays, March 7, 2023, will likely be the day that Valorant Agent 22 is released because Episode 6 Act 2 will also be available.

Given that Riot Games has consistently added new content to this game and that the Episode 6 Act 1 battle pass expires the day before on March 6th, it is possible to infer this release date.

Valorant Agent 22 Release Date
Valorant Agent 22 Release Date

It is time to remove the disclaimer that begins 90% of such entries now that we have learned everything there is to know about this new Agent SmokeDancer in Valorant. And that proves that the information is accurate. We shouldn’t take anything we learn from leaks and other similar sources as gospel.

The most recent details, including his teaser, codename, nationality, and other information, concerning the impending Valorant Agent 22 are included below.

Function and Capabilities of Exemplary Agent 22

According to Riot Games, Initiator, Sentinel, and an unnamed third agent will play the roles of three new agents starting in 2023. (maybe a new class). According to John Goscicki, we will have to “wait until later in the year to find out” about the third class later this year. Therefore Agent 22 in Valorant will either be an Initiator or Sentinel.

Given that Riot just published a controller agent, Harbor, and that we shouldn’t expect to see another for some time, the leaked agent with the codename Smokedancer may be the agent with an unidentified role.

In addition, while their abilities have not been revealed, John Goscicki gave us some hints by saying that the new Valorant will bring their own

“eclectic way to deal with situations, check corners, get onto locations, plant the spike.” 

This could hint at new spike-planting techniques and teleportation abilities, but the mechanics have not yet been clarified.

In addition to this, Agent 22 will not be aggressive. They might also have some “friends” like Killjoy has a turret, as Goscicki stated that:

“a battlefield can be a super stressful place” and that “sometimes you just need some friends with you chilling with you as you lock down a path to the next site; you know, not everyone needs to be so aggressive.”

Other recent developments from our gaming department are as follows:

In the teaser image, two hands can also be seen attempting to grab a boba cup, but these are all just conjectures, and we might have to wait until Riot formally discloses information on Agent 22.

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