Utah Author And Husband Had Dispute Over Buying $2M House Prior To His Ki!!ing, Records Reveal

In the days before his deαth, according to court records, a Kamas man who was allegedly fatally drugged by his wife last year had a fight with her about her choice to purchase a $2 million property.

According to documents with the Utah Department of Commerce’s real estate division, the wife and murder suspect, Kouri Richins, is a licensed real estate sales agent.

According to a search warrant affidavit filed in the homicide case, she planned to “flip” the house in question, but her husband, Eric Richins, “was planning on telling her that he wasn’t going to sign the papers” since he expected them to lose a lot of money.

According to the affidavit, after Eric’s murder on March 4, 2022, Kouri informed authorities that they had been celebrating her closing on a residence for her business the night before.

Kouri had concocted a Moscow mule for her husband, which he drank in bed. According to authorities, she fell asleep soon after and awoke at 3 a.m. to find Eric cold to the touch.

According to the complaint, Kouri dialed 911 while “allegedly attempting to give Eric CPR.” However, based on the amount of blood in his mouth when first responders came, she appeared to haven’t.

Utah Author And Husband Had Dispute Over Buying $2M House Prior To His Ki!!ing, Records Reveal

According to the papers, she closed on the multimillion-dollar property the next day. “She later invited her friends over for a large party at her home where she was drinking and celebrating,” Affidavit says.

Another search warrant affidavit states that in 2021, Eric Richins quietly moved his will and power of attorney from his wife to his sister Katie Richins-Benson.

Apparently concerned that “Kouri would kill him for money and he wanted to make sure the kids were taken care of financially,” Eric reportedly told sisters Richins-Benson and Amy Richins that he was afraid of what might happen.

According to the affidavit and his family’s testimony to investigators, Eric never told Kouri that he had left her out of the will.

According to the affidavit, Kouri modified her husband’s life insurance policy agreement with his business partner so that she would be the only beneficiary months before Eric Richins’ passing, in January 2022. But after the insurance provider informed Eric, he changed it back.

According to the affidavit, Eric desired a divorce. Court records show that after Eric Richins passed away, Kouri Richins and Katie Richins-Benson engaged in a legal battle in civil court over his trust and the inheritance probate.

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Following his arrest, Kouri Richins filed a motion in the trust case this week, demanding that the trust and estate cases be stayed awaiting the conclusion of the homicide prosecution. The sister was not convinced.

“The Estate must be administered regardless of what is happening with Kouri’s criminal prosecution,” a response from the sister in the trust case states.

“The administration of the Estate cannot and should not be put on hold waiting for the outcome of the m*rder charges against Kouri, a process that could take years.”

The sister also filed a motion in the estate court on Wednesday, requesting that Kouri Richins be banned from getting any benefits from Eric’s estate, “otherwise preventing Kouri from profiting in any way from Eric’s deαth.” The ongoing homicide case was mentioned in the motion.

In the trust matter, Kouri’s motion reads, “Kouri should not be forced to choose between waiving her constitutional rights and effectively forfeiting her civil claims.” As of Thursday afternoon, no decision had been made on the motions.

An autopsy and toxicology results revealed that Eric Richins died due to a fentanyl overdose, with five times the deadly level in his system. The medical examiner further noted that the fentanyl in his system was not medical-grade fentanyl, but rather illegal fentanyl.

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Text exchanges obtained on Kouri’s phone in the days preceding his m*rder show that she sought fentanyl from someone named in court filings as “C.L.”

According to court filings, Eric Richins suspected his wife tried to poison him several times before his deαth, noting two incidents before his apparent fatal overdose in which Eric swallowed something his wife had given him and became ill.

Kouri Richins released “Are You with Me?” a children’s book about mourning nearly a year after Eric Richins died. The book had been pulled off Amazon’s website as of Wednesday.

In April, Richins appeared in a segment on KTVX-Channel 4′s “Good Things Utah” to discuss the new book, during which she shared that her husband “passed away unexpectedly last year.”

Kouri Richins is now being held in Summit County jail. The homicide case will be heard in court on May 19.

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