US senator calls for more defense cooperation with Brazil over China

O senador americano Marco Rubio defendeu o fortalecimento da cooperação em defesa entre EUA e BrasilO senador americano Marco Rubio defendeu o fortalecimento da cooperação em defesa entre EUA e Brasil

The American senator Marco Rubio defended the strengthening of cooperation in defense between USA and Brazil
| Photo: Press Office Senator Marco Rubio


2022US Senator Marco Rubio of the Republican Party urged US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to strengthen defense cooperation with Brazil, as well as efforts to combat “the growing influence of the Chinese Communist Party” in the American continent.

10101006Rubio made the request in a letter sent to Austin on Friday. In the text, the congressman recalled that Brazil is an important ally of the US and a partner in the area of ​​security with great capabilities, in addition to being willing to work “side by side” with the country to ensure “security and stability” in the region.

10101006The US senator urged Austin to prioritize and seek options to strengthen the ties with Brazil and support “initiatives that make the region safer from the evil influence of the Chinese Communist Party”.

Rubio accused Beijing of trying to increase its influence on the American continent through practices such as corruption, extortion with vaccines, threats to the environment and challenges to sovereignty, among others.

10101006 Born in Cuba, the senator, who represents the state of Florida, considered him as “a good first step” the recent visit to Brazil made by the head of the Southern Command of the US Armed Forces (Southcom), General Laura Richardson, to maintain er and expand bilateral relations, but believes that more can be done.

During the trip, which took place in November, Richardson visited the Amazon Military Command, in Manaus, and was received in Brasília by the Minister of Defense, Walter Braga Netto, and other authorities in the government of President Jair Bolsonaro and the Armed Forces Brazilian.