First-Time Election Candidate Lauren Boebert Speaks Out Despite Her Defeat

Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Republican from Colorado, said something on social media for the first time since she said early Wednesday that a “red wave” had started.

Boebert is running against Adam Frisch to keep her seat, and the race is very close. The Democrat is ahead by less than 100 votes.

On Thursday, Boebert sent out a tweet that was a take on a popular meme. It showed a cartoon character poking at a picture of the race, with the words “Come on, do something.”

The controversial Republican backed by Donald Trump was thought to have a good chance of keeping the seat she has held since 2020. Frisch is ahead of Boebert by 64 votes, with 156,746 votes to 156,682 for the Democrat. Ninety-nine percent of the votes have been counted.

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Frisch, who calls himself a moderate, said that the close race doesn’t surprise him. He said: “I spent 10 months trying to convince donors and journalists and political strategists everywhere that there was a path forward,” according to The Guardian. “I have this calm belief that that 40 percent of the Republican Party wants their party back.”

Boebert has been made fun of online because he predicted a “red wave” of Republicans that didn’t happen. After one of the first results came in on Wednesday, she tweeted: “The red tide has started! Congratulations to Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna. First for America is winning!” Luna, a Republican who served in the Air Force, was elected to the House to represent Florida’s 13th district.

In response, Fred Guttenberg, who lost a daughter in the 2018 Parkland school shooting, tweeted: “Ok, Lauren Boebert wins for the funniest tweet of the night. Not only is there no red wave, Lauren is about to be voted out.” The Lincoln Project, a conservative group that is against Trump, joked, “When’s this red wave again?”

The day before, as voters were going to the polls, Boebert wrote: “They called you roaches. They called you cult members. They called you extremists. They called you terrorists. Today, we call them losers!”

The outspoken right-winger put the hashtag #RedWave in front of the post. On Tuesday, Democrats gave Joe Biden the best midterm election results since Bill Clinton in 1998. Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the Republicans in the House and a possible speaker if the GOP wins the chamber, has been criticized for how he has done his job.

Speaking to Axios, Bob Good, a House Freedom Caucus board member, said: “Kevin McCarthy has not done anything to earn my vote for speaker.” “I believe there’s a number of members who feel as I do and who will support a challenge to him as the speaker when we convene next week. I don’t think he has the votes.”

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