US Coast Guard searches for dozens of migrants who were on capsized boat


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Sobrevivente informou que fazia parte de um grupo de 40 pessoas que deixaram a ilha de Bimini, nas Bahamas, conhecida rota de imigrantes ilegais

Survivor informed that he was part of a group of 38 people who left the island of Bimini, in the Bahamas, a known route for illegal immigrants


The United States Coast Guard located a body during searches off the coast of Florida to find dozens of people who were on a boat that capsized during a storm last weekend.

According to information from the Associated Press, a survivor had been rescued on Tuesday (13), when the crew of a merchant ship spotted the man sitting alone on the hull of the vessel. The searches, which are being carried out with planes and ships, started right away.

The survivor reported that he was part of a group ofpeople who left the island of Bimini, in the Bahamas, known illegal immigrants trying to reach the United States.

On Saturday, the vessel would have capsized due to bad weather; according to the survivor, no one on board was wearing a life jacket. With the rescue of a survivor and the location of a body, others 25 people are still missing.

Captain Jo-Ann F. Burdian stated that “with each passing moment, it becomes if much more terrible and unlikely” that survivors will be found.