Ukraine's president urges the West not to fuel panic in his country

O presidente da Ucrânia, Volodymyr Zelensky

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

| Photo: EFE


The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky asked this Friday to the West not to feed panic about an imminent attack by Russia, as the feeling is being created that there are tanks on the streets of the country and people are fleeing, when this is not the case.

This call for balanced information about the current tension at the border – where the Russia already accumulates more than 100.000 Russian soldiers – was also transferred directly to US President Joe Biden, Zelensky told a news conference today with the foreign media.

“We talked to the president, we talked about it. We think there should be a balanced approach. I’m not saying it’s influencing the American media, they’re independent. tes, but media policy has to be balanced. If you want to know what the situation is, you can come to Kiev,” emphasized the Ukrainian president.

“Do we have tanks on the streets? No. But that’s what it feels like if you’re not here. The image created by the media that we have troops on the roads, we have mobilization, people are leaving? It’s not like this. We don’t need this panic,” he added.

The US president said yesterday Zelensky told Zelensky that there is a “clear possibility” that Russia will invade Ukraine in February, while the White House denied information from broadcaster “CNN”, which quoted an official Ukrainian source according to which Biden had told his counterpart that it was practically confirmed. that Russia will invade Ukraine once the ground is frozen and that it could “loot” Kiev.

In this sense, Zelensky said that he is the president of Ukraine and he is the one who is in the country and therefore knows “the details better than any other president”.

“We do not disagree with President Biden. But I know deeply what is happening in my country, just as he knows deeply what is happening in the United States”, he highlighted.

Furthermore, it reiterated that Kiev “does not see a bigger escalation than before”, referring to the deployment of Russian soldiers on the border with Ukraine in April 2021 for carrying out military maneuvers.

“Of course we don’t see a bigger escalation than before. Yes, the number of soldiers has increased, but I already talked about it at the beginning of 2021, when Russia did the military exercises,” he recalled. the Ukrainian president.

“I don’t think the situation is more intense than which was then. At the height, at the beginning of 2021, it was very intense, but there wasn’t as much media coverage as there is now”, he commented.

In any case, Zelensky highlighted that he does not mean that “a climbing is excluded.”

“We’ve been talking about this for eight years” , when the armed conflict between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russian separatists broke out in Donbass and Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula, detailed.

“The escalation has already taken place. Unfortunately, part of our territories are temporarily occupied” by Russia, he stressed.

8013983500001 )The Ukrainian president also stressed that this “panic” has an impact on the economy.

8013983500001 “I told President Biden – and I think the United States supports it – that I started talking to leaders about the need to stabilize our country’s economy after these signs that tomorrow there will be a war”, he explained.

“Because these signals were sent even by leaders of respected countries. Sometimes they don’t even use diplomatic language and say ‘tomorrow there will be war’ and that means panic in the market, panic in the financial sector”, he lamented.

Zelensky recalled that in 2021 the Ukrainian GDP recorded a “record” and secured $6.5 billion in new investment, but after media reports began of an immediate Russian attack, $2.5 billion in investment was withdrawn from the country.

This means that Ukraine will have to resort to the national reserve to stabilize its currency. “It’s the price we pay for a unbalanced information policy”, he criticized.

Several countries agreed to economically support Ukraine, according to Zelensky, since Kiev will have to spend between US$ 4 billion and US$ 5 billion in stabilizing the country.