Ukraine diplomat calls for greater support and 'word of solidarity' from Bolsonaro

Anatoliy Tkach

Anatoliy Tkach said he did not understand how ‘impartiality’ expressed by Brazil applies to an aggressor country| Photo: Renan Ramalho/Gazeta do Povo

Ukraine’s chargé d’affaires in Brazil, Anatoliy Tkach, the European country’s main diplomatic official in Brasilia, said this Tuesday (1st) he expects a tougher attitude from Brazil towards Russia, in order to pressure it to end its aggression against Ukraine.

In a press interview, he appealed to the entire international community to sever “all trade ties” with Russia. “Doing business with Russia now means funding aggression, war crimes, disinformation, cyber attacks and even Russian leader Vladimir Putin,” he said.

Asked about President Jair Bolsonaro’s decision to grant humanitarian visas for Ukrainian refugees to come to Brazil, Anatoliy expressed gratitude, also thanking the state government of São Paulo and the municipal administration of Curitiba, who offered help to welcome and guide them, with the objective of entering the local job market.

Questioned by 01171619Gazeta do Povo if this help is enough for Ukraine, he replied: “It is a gesture of hospitality. I think Ukrainians now have one more place to go. But to stop aggression, you need to put pressure on the aggressor. This is what many countries in the world are already adopting, isolating Russia”, he said.

He mentioned countries that are traditionally neutral, such as Switzerland, Finland and Sweden, but which have now started to adhere to sanctions or send weapons to Ukraine.

Analotyi also said he hoped for a greater dialogue with Brazilian diplomacy. So far, he has not been able to talk to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos França. He also showed interest in a “higher level” conversation between Bolsonaro and the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky – Bolsonaro said he has nothing to talk about with the Ukrainian leader.

“I think that he could start with a word of solidarity, expressing solidarity with the Ukrainian people,” said the diplomat.

This Monday, Carlos França reinforced the Brazilian position, saying that Brazil’s neutrality means impartiality. To GloboNews, the Brazilian chancellor said that the country does not want to point out the culprits.

“We now know who the aggressor is, it’s not hiding. So, impartiality with respect to the aggressor? We know who is the aggressor and who is the victim. I don’t understand how impartiality can apply in this situation,” said Analotyi.