Ukraine: Belarusian troops ordered to cross border to attack

Imagem de satélite disponibilizada pela Maxar Technologies mostra helicópteros russos na Bielorrússia.

Satellite image provided by Maxar Technologies shows Russian helicopters in Belarus. | Photo: SATELLITE IMAGE MAXAR TECHNOLOGIES

)The General Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said this Thursday (3) that in the territory of Belarus, close to the border with Ukraine, there are 38 Belarusian airborne assault brigades who were ordered to cross the border.

Towards the Volhynia region in western Ukraine and bordering Belarus to the north and Poland to the west, “38 airborne assault brigades are in a wooded area,” said the military command in a post on his Facebook profile. “According to available information, the command of the military unit was ordered to cross the border with Ukraine.”

Also according to the General Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, “the order of combat will be given after they cross the border”. The moral and psychological state of the Belarusian paratroopers “is very low” and “the officers and soldiers do not want to play the role of Russian mercenaries”, the command said.

“A significant number was in favor of terminating the contracts, which expire mainly in May”, he pointed out. On the other hand, the president of Belarus, Alexsandre Lukashenko, has reiterated on several occasions in recent days that he has no plans and there will be no plans to attack Ukraine. )