UK says Kremlin intends to install pro-Russian leader in Kiev


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Ativistas pró-democracia ucranianos se reuniram em frente à embaixada britânica em Kiev em 21 de janeiro para agradecer pelo apoio diplomático do Reino Unido e pelo envio de ajuda militar.

Ukrainian pro-democracy activists gathered outside the British embassy in Kiev in 18 from January to thank you for the diplomatic support of the Kingdom Kingdom and for sending military aid.| Photo: Sergey Dolzhenko/EFE/EPA

Amidst the sequence of intense contacts between Russia and the United States because of tensions over the of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine, Britain said on Saturday it had information indicating the Kremlin was trying to install a pro-Russian leader in Kiev as it considered invading and occupying Ukraine, a statement released by the British Foreign Ministry said. . Former Ukrainian lawmaker Yevhen Murayev is considered a possible candidate, according to the ministry, which says it has information that Russian intelligence services have ties to many former Ukrainian politicians.

These politicians, according to the UK, include Serhiy Arbuzov, First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine of 2012 The 2014 and acting Prime Minister in 2014; Andriy Klyuev, First Deputy Prime Minister of 2010 The 2012; Vladimir Sivkovich, former deputy head of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC); and Mykola Azarov, Prime Minister of Ukraine from 2010 The 2014. Some of them have contacts with Russian intelligence officials who are currently involved in planning an attack against Ukraine, the British Foreign Office said in a statement.

“The information released today sheds light on the extent of Russian activity designed to subvert Ukraine, and it is an insight into Kremlin thinking,” UK Foreign Minister Liz Truss said in the statement. “Russia must defuse tensions, end its campaigns of aggression and disinformation and follow the path of diplomacy. As the UK and our partners have repeatedly said, any Russian military incursion into Ukraine would be a major strategic mistake with severe costs.” The British government reiterates that it “unequivocally” supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, within its internationally recognized borders, including Crimea.

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