Tyler Perry Net Worth: How Did He Get So Rich?

Tyler Perry is an actor, director, producer, and writer from the United States. Madea is a tough old woman created and played by Tyler Perry. During the 1990s and early 2000s, Tyler Perry wrote and put on many stage plays. Tyler Perry has also acted in movies he didn’t write, direct, or produce.

He played Admiral Barnett in Star Trek, which he didn’t make (2009). He is an American actor, writer, producer, and director who is well-known and successful. People know him for his sarcastic sitcoms and movies that show what life is like in a typical African American home.

Tyler Perry Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Have?

Tyler Perry is an American actor, director, playwright, and producer with a $1 billion net worth. Tyler Perry is by far one of the most successful directors in terms of money in the entertainment business. He has directed and produced over 30 movies, 20 plays, and 8 TV shows. He makes between $200 million and $250 million a year from his vast entertainment empire. Just one deal with ViacomCBS brings in $150 million yearly for his production company.

Tyler Perry Net Worth
Tyler Perry Net Worth

Tyler is a real self-made business mogul. He started from scratch by writing and putting on a single play called “I Know I’ve Been Changed.” Tyler turned that play into a mini theatre empire while he was living in his car. That empire grew into the huge multi-media empire he has today. Tyler is responsible for all his costs, income, and profits.

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Tyler Perry’s Biography

Perry was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on September 13, 1969. His full name is Emmitt Perry, Jr. He didn’t finish high school, but he did get a GED. Tyler started writing as a way to help heal his mind after being abused by several family members when he was younger. In his early 20s, he saw an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show that talked about the positive and healing effects writing can have on a person. This made him want to become a writer.

Perry found that writing was an excellent way to get away from things. He then wrote himself a series of letters later used as the basis for the musical I Know I’ve Been Changed. This and his other stage shows quickly gained fans in Atlanta and beyond. At their peak, more than 35,000 people went to his shows weekly.

Before making a single Hollywood movie, Perry sold more than $100 million worth of tickets to his plays and $30 million worth of related videos and other items.

Tyler Perry’s Film Success

Tyler Perry proposed the production studio Lionsgate after his success at home. Perry would put up half the budget for a movie that would cost $5.5 million. Lionsgate put up the other half of the money and took a small fee for marketing and a 12% fee for distribution. After those costs, they would each get an equal share of the profit. The first movie they made together under this deal was Diary of a Mad Black Woman, which came out in 2005. The movie made $50.6 million in the United States and an additional $150 million from TV syndication and sales of home videos. As part of his deal with Lionsgate, Perry owns the material and gets to keep half of the money made.

Perry’s first film as a director was Madea’s Family Reunion, which came out in 2006. It opened at the top of the box office with $30.3 million. In the end, the movie made $65 million. (He has also made all of the other Madea movies.)

Tyler made 14 movies called “Madea.” Nearly $700 million was made from these movies at the box office. Each movie was made for less than $10 million. Since Perry writes, directs, and produces almost all of his movies on his own, he can keep most of the money from each one. The most important part of about $300 million.

Most of Perry’s movies are made for an African American audience and often make small references to Christianity.

Tyler Perry’s Television Success

Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, one of his most popular shows, had eight seasons, from June 21, 2006, to August 10, 2012. The show first aired on CW, receiving huge ratings that surprised the young network. Perry and Payne left CW because TBS gave them a $200 million production guarantee and a promise to make 90 episodes. Oh, and Tyler would be the star of the show. Tyler’s famous movie only cost $60 million to make. The other $140 million he kept for himself.

Meet the Browns, which started on TBS in January 2009 and ended on November 18, 2011, was also written, directed, and produced by him.

Other Ventures

Perry has been in a few movies, such as Star Trek (2009), Alex Cross (2012), Gone Girl (2014), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016), and Vice (2017). (2018).

Perry has also written two books: Don’t Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings: Madea’s Uninhibited Commentaries on Love and Life (2006), which sold 30,000 copies and hit #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list, and Higher is Waiting (2017), which debuted at #5 on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Tyler Perry’s Studio 

Tyler Perry Studios, which makes movies and is based in Atlanta, was started in 2006.

Perry finally showed off the new home of Tyler Perry Studios in 2019. It is on the 330-acre former military base Fort McPherson, which he bought four years earlier. During the Civil War, it was a military base for the South. Perry bought the property for $30 million and then spent another $250 million on improvements and repairs.

On the lot, scenes from The Walking Dead have been shot. Permanent sets take up about 50,000 square feet of the studio lot. These include a perfect copy of the White House, a trailer park, a luxury hotel, and a mansion that is 16,000 square feet. The first movie to be shot on the lot was the big hit Black Panther, which Marvel made.

It is one of the biggest studios in the world, and Tyler is the first African-American to own a major studio. In a given year, other studios like Netflix and Amazon spent $100 million renting the studio’s facilities for their own productions.


Tyler Perry got a share of the BET+ streaming network as part of a deal he made with ViacomCBS that pays Tyler Perry Studios $150 million per year for making content. Today, that share is thought to be worth about $50 million.


Tyler Perry’s Personal Life

Perry changed his name legally when he was 16 to escape his abusive father, Emmitt Perry, Sr. But a DNA test years later showed that Emmitt Sr. was not Perry’s real father.

Perry has been dating model and social activist Gelila Bekele since 2009. They are not married. Bekele gave birth to their son Aman Tyler Perry in November 2014.

Perry supports a number of charitable causes outside of TV and movies and often helps people who are in need. In 2009, Perry paid for 65 kids from a day camp in Philadelphia to go to Walt Disney World.

Tyler Perry’s Controversy

The Writers Guild of America, West filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board about unfair labor practises, saying that Tyler Perry Studios fired four writers without cause in October 2008 because they tried to get a union contract. A month later, the disagreement was solved.

Early in 2009, Perry said he might sue Mo’ Money Taxes, a Memphis-based tax preparation company, for running a TV ad that he thought was offensive because it made fun of his work, especially Madea Goes to Jail. The ad showed a big white man named Ma’Madea dressed as a woman. The TV commercial was eventually taken off the air.

Tyler Perry’s Actual Property

Perry spends most of his time in Atlanta, where, at the time of this writing, he is building a huge new house near where Tyler Perry Studios is based. He wants to turn a piece of his property into an organic farm. Perry sold his Atlanta mansion, 35,000 square feet and where he had lived for nine years, for $17.5 million in May 2016.

Perry also owns a house on the island of White Bay Cay in the Bahamas. It is 14,000 square feet and sits on 20 acres. He reportedly bought the house for $6.4 million in 2009.

Perry gave up a 10-bedroom home in Los Angeles’s Mulholland Estates that he had bought for $14.5 million just nine months before. He sold the house to rapper and singer Pharrell Williams for $15.6 million.

He still owns another home in Los Angeles. It is in the Beverly Ridge Estates, a very exclusive gated community. On the 22.5-acre property, Perry built a mansion with 25,000 square feet of space that was made just for him. In May 2020, it came out that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were renting the house as they started a new life in Los Angeles. Based on what other houses in the area have sold for, this one is worth more than $20 million.

Tyler Perry’s Jet 

Tyler has a private Gulfstream III jet that is said to have cost $125 million to buy and customize. The jet’s theatre room has a 42-inch LCD flat screen and a satellite hookup. He spent at least $50 million making the formal living room, kitchen, and VIP bedroom look special and buying furniture for them. He has sent supplies to countries that have recently been hit by tragedies using the jet on several occasions as a good deed. He owns a second private jet like the first one.

Tyler Perry Jet

Tyler Perry: How To Be Successful

Tyler put up a video on YouTube in 2012 in which he answered the most common question: “How did you do it?” Here is what he said:

“There is only one answer to that… Truth be told, it was nothing but the grace of God. Nothing but the grace of God. You can plant seeds all day long. You can go around giving your business card out to people. You can go around knocking on doors and auditioning. You can do all that every day of your life and nothing happens. When a seed is planted in the ground, all you can do is water it. You cannot control the sunshine. You cannot control the weather and you cannot control whether the locusts come and try to destroy it. All you can do is plant your seed in the ground, water it and believe. That is what allowed me to be in this position right now. I would not stop believing. I planted my seed. I worked really hard. I had one idea and that was to do a play… My only idea. My only focus was to do one play. And I knew if I could get that to work everything else would come to pass. There are so many people who go in so many directions. This week there going to do this. Next week they’re going to do that. And next week they’re going to be in real estate. The next week they’re gonna open a salon. Those kind of people are all over the place and I usually try to get them to just focus on one thing. Focus on one area… Focus on one thing. Make it your priority and stick with it no matter what…” -Tyler Perry.


Tyler Perry is a successful actor, writer, director, and producer. Since the beginning of his career, he’s come a long way and is now a big part of the movie business. Tyler Perry’s net worth is about $1 a billion as of December 2022. For more related updates. keep following our site NogMagazine.com 


What Is Tyler Perry’s Net Worth?

As of now, Tyler Perry has a net worth of $950 Million.

What made Tyler Perry so wealthy?

Tyler Perry made more than $120 million from selling movie tickets. Tyler Perry also made more than $40 million from merchandising deals and brand endorsements.

Is Tyler Perry a billionaire or a millionaire?

Tyler Perry is worth a total of $1 billion US dollars. Tyler Perry is now a billionaire because of this.

Who is Tyler Perry married to?

Gelila Bekele was married to Tyler Perry. In 2020, they got a divorce.