Twitter Users Say Elon Musk Should Quit As Boss

Elon Musk hasn’t said anything about whether or not he will stay in charge of Twitter.

Elon Musk Twitter Polls

On Sunday, the billionaire asked his Twitter followers if he should step down as the leader of the social networking site. In a “poll” on Twitter that ran for 12 hours and got more than 17 million votes, it was clear that 57.5 percent of people thought he should quit.

Mr. Musk said he would follow the outcome of the vote. But hours after the vote was over, Mr. Musk didn’t say anything on Twitter.

If he goes through with it, Mr. Musk will hand over control of the company he bought in late October for $44 billion. Since then, the company has laid off a lot of people, advertising sales have gone down, executives have quit, and a number of high-profile user accounts have been shut down for breaking new rules.

Twitter Users Say Elon Musk Should Quit As Boss
Twitter Users Say Elon Musk Should Quit As Boss

On Sunday, Twitter made a rule that users couldn’t share links and user names from other social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Mastodon. However, it seems that the same law has since been changed.

But for some users, including some who used to like Mr. Musk, the crazy weekend was the last straw.

Paul Graham Statements

Paul Graham, who started the start-up accelerator Y Combinator, said on Sunday that Mr. Musk’s latest moves with Twitter were “the last straw.” Mr. Graham had favored Mr. Musk’s takeover, but on Sunday he wrote, “I give up. My website has a link to my new Mastodon profile.” His account was shut down for a short time.

Last week, Twitter banned about two dozen accounts that tracked the locations of private planes, including one that followed Mr. Musk’s private jet. They did this because of a new policy that banned accounts that shared someone else’s “live location.” Last week, the accounts of some journalists from The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, and other news outlets were also suspended for what seemed to be the same reason. After Mr. Musk asked users if they should be allowed back on the platform, the journalists’ accounts were reactivated. In a “Twitter poll” with 3.7 million votes, 59% said yes.

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After asking Twitter users if he should stay as CEO, Mr. Musk said in another tweet, “No one wants the job who can keep Twitter alive. There is no one to take over.”

There are signs that Mr. Musk’s ownership of Twitter and attention to it are hurting his other businesses. The value of Tesla has gone down since Mr. Musk bought Twitter. On October 27, the day Mr. Musk bought Twitter, a share of the car company was worth $225. On Friday, the last price of Tesla shares was $150.Last week, Mr. Musk said he had sold more Tesla stock worth $3.6 billion. Mr. Musk has sold $23 billion worth of Tesla stock this year. Most of this was done after he promised to stop selling shares to pay for his deal with Twitter in April.

“They paid more attention to Twitter than to the golden child.” Tesla is another big issue for investors, and this poll result likely is because many Musk fans want him to step down as CEO of Twitter,” Daniel Ives and John Katsingris of Wedbush Securities wrote in a note that came out just before the Twitter vote ended.

They also said that if Mr. Musk quit Twitter, it would be “a big step forward” because the billionaire would finally realize that people are getting “increasingly frustrated with this Twitter nightmare that gets worse every day.”

On Monday, the price of Tesla shares was just below $150 at the end of the day.

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