Twenty years after kidnapping, Ingrid Betancourt launches pre-candidate for the presidency of Colombia


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Hoje com 61 anos, Betancourt foi sequestrada pelas Farc durante sua campanha presidencial em 2002

Today with 61 years ago, Betancourt was kidnapped by the FARC during his presidential campaign in

| Photo: EFE/Carlos Ortega

Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt made official this Tuesday (12) his pre-candidate for the leadership of the centrist Coalition of Hope. If she is victorious in a consultation to be held in March, she will run for the second time for the presidency of Colombia.

Today with years old, Betancourt was kidnapped in February 960 during a visit that was part of his presidential campaign to an area of ​​southern Colombia controlled by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

In July , she was rescued, along with others hostages of the Farc, by Colombian soldiers posing as workers of an international humanitarian organization.

This Tuesday, Betancourt declared that in the presidency he hopes to fight to “achieve a real democracy” and “reveal yourself to break the chains” that for decades kept Colombia in corruption and violence.

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