Tweetbot Is Back Down Again

Tweetbot is back down again. During an outage that kept major third-party Twitter clients from working, the Twitter client was briefly available.

Users could sign in to Tweetbot and look at tweets, but some said they couldn’t post anything to Twitter through the service without getting an error message saying they’d reached their “data limit.” Users say that they can’t sign in at all now.

Tweetbot co-creator Paul Haddad writes on Mastodon, “And now dead again, along with some old, unused API keys, which proves that this was done on purpose and that we and others were singled out.” “If there was even a little bit of communication, I wouldn’t have changed the keys in the first place.”

Twitter didn’t do anything that brought the client back online. Haddad told The Verge that they hadn’t heard anything from Twitter, so they “decided to start using new API keys and see if that fixes the problem.” This way, Tweetbot could keep the service from going down for now, even though it only sort of worked.

Mysk, a company that makes apps for iOS, pointed out that Tweetbot probably had problems when it came back online because it used different API keys that let it do a lot more. “The Twitter API places few constraints on new apps,” says Mysk. “Tweetbot users can only send 300 tweets every 15 minutes.”

More News

Things started going wrong last Thursday, when Twitter users realised they could no longer use third-party apps like Tweetbot, Twitterific, and the Android version of Fenix. Even though a lot of people are confused, Twitter and CEO Elon Musk haven’t said anything about the problem publicly or reached out to developers to explain what’s going on. On Android, Twitterific and Fenix are still not working.

According to a report from The Information, Twitter may have disabled third-party apps purposefully. Internal messages viewed by the outlet reveal a senior software engineer saying that the outage is “intentional.” Another message reportedly says Twitter’s getting ready to issue statements to developers affected by the outage, although it’s unclear when that’ll be ready.

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