How Turia Pitt Survived Filming Without Her 2 Kids?

‘Celebrity Apprentice’ star Turia Pitt has spoken out about her experience filming lengthy days away from her two young children and why she will never do another reality television program again. In the wake of her firing by Lord Sugar on Monday’s episode, the author discussed her feelings about the experience on Tuesday morning’s episode of her podcast, Turia Pitt is Hard Work.

Burn survivor acknowledged that she appreciated the new friendships and personal growth she gained through the Channel Nine show, but that the role was far more difficult than she anticipated. As a mother of two young sons, she admitted to feeling a lot of “mum guilt” during filming.

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Turia Pitt was “stressed” about having to say goodbye to her children. Having raised approximately $230,000 for the charity Interplast, which aids in the provision of life-changing medical treatment to people in other countries, Turia Pitt decided to leave Celebrity Apprentice.

She added that the charity was a major factor in her coping with 16-18-hour days away from her two children. Turia Pitt Hoskin traveled from the NSW South Coast to Sydney with her mother and sons to participate in the show while her husband Michael Hoskin was away at work as a helicopter pilot.

Despite the fact that her mother is “wonderful, a Wonder Woman,” she still felt awful about leaving her children at home all day. “I found that incredibly difficult,” she added. The actress confesses to feeling “mother guilt” because of the limited time she had for her own mental well-being due to her hectic filming schedule.

“I’m sure dads experience it too but think it’s a little bit harsher for women,” she added of her feelings of sadness about having to leave her sons. In the eyes of society, being a good mother means being at home with your children, and working means being a bad mother. This is nonsense, because today, both parents must work to make ends meet.

Interplast has received $1 million thanks to Turia Pitt’s efforts. As a result of it, After drinking red wine, Turia Pitt’s jokingly said, “I burst into tears.” However, this was of no use in the long run.

For her, it was a simple matter of recognizing that her time spent working was her time spent working and that her time spent at home was her time spent with her children.

Turia Pitt couldn’t stop thinking about why she had signed up in the first place: her charity. Since joining Interplast nine years ago, the 34-year-old has been instrumental in raising more than $1 million in charitable funds.

“If you’ve got a really powerful and compelling reason for why you want to do anything… it makes it a how heap simpler to get it done, and keeps you going.”

Turia Pitt said she learned a lot from the experience, but she also said she wouldn’t do another reality program again. According to her: “It’s far tougher than it appears, there are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes, you’re working with challenging personalities, and a great deal that is out of your control.”

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In an earlier podcast episode, Turia Pitt talked about how she felt abused and insulted on the set of Celebrity Apprentice following her attack by castmate Ronnie Caceres in the boardroom. According to Turia Pitt’s Channel Nine exit interview, “I definitely didn’t get along with as much… I didn’t get along with as many contestants as I thought I would.” Among them are Gamble [Breaux], Beck [Zemek], and Ronnie [Caceres]. When it comes to certain people, “you just don’t mesh with them.”

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