When Is Tokyo Revengers Release?

Ken Wakui is the author and artist of the Japanese comic series Tokyo Revengers. Since March of 2017, it has been serialised in the Weekly Shnen Magazine of Kodansha. In July of 2021, Japan saw the premiere of a live-action film adaption. Over 50 million copies of the manga were in circulation as of January 2022. It was the shnen category winner of the 44th Kodansha Manga Award when the manga was published in 2020. From April to September 2021, Liden Films aired an anime television series adaption.

Tokyo Revengers Plot

Tokyo Revengers-The Arc Of Moebius

Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old freeter, discovers one day that Hinata Tachibana and her younger brother Naoto, both from his middle school days, had been murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang. Tsuyoshi gets shoved in front of a train in 2005 and takes him exactly 12 years back in time to 2005. Takemichi sees Naoto and tells him the precise day he and Hinata would die while reliving their middle school days.

This causes Takemichi to be brought back to the present, resulting in Naoto becoming a detective after they shake hands. Naoto concludes that every time Takemichi and Naoto hold hands, they travel back 12 years in time. Takemichi is determined to save Hinata with the help of his knowledge from the future.

The Tokyo Manji Gang member Kiyomasa has previously forced Takemichi’s companions to participate in illegal bouts. The gang’s leader, Mikey, admires Takemichi’s will to keep them safe. Mikey’s connection with Takemichi protected one of his friends, Akkun, from going to jail in the present; but, after Akkun commits himself out of fear, Takemichi understands that the Tokyo Manji Gang posed a greater threat to his friends than he previously assumed.

Takemichi discovers that the Tokyo Manji Gang has declared war on Moebius, a rival gang, in order to get revenge on Pah-companion, chin’s who was killed by the latter. Takemichi discovers that Draken, Mikey’s second-in-command, will be killed and that this would lead to Mikey’s aggressive behaviour. Pah-chin, who stabbed Moebius commander Osanai, surrenders to the authorities after stabbing Draken in the rumble. Tokyo Manji Gang members differ on how to support Pah-chin, leading to infighting among the group members.

Takemichi settles the conflict between Mikey and Draken, but on August 3, 2005, a number of Moebius members led by Valhalla member Shji Hanma assault the Tokyo Manji Gang. Piqued by Mikey and Draken’s decision to let Pah-chin be imprisoned, Takemichi discovers Pey Yan’s complicity in their scheme. At the same time, Takemichi learns that Kiyomasa stabbed Draken as a punishment for embarrassing him and forcing him to be expelled from the Tokyo Manji Gang. The fight is won by the Tokyo Manji Gang, and Draken is able to heal from his wounds.

Tokyo Revengers-Ascension Of Valhalla

Only to discover that Hinata and his pals are still dead in the current timeline when Takemichi returns. Takemichi returns to the past to discover that Tetta Kisaki has recently joined the Tokyo Manji Gang and has taken advantage of Pah-absence chin’s to become the new captain of his division. As a result of Kazutora Hanemiya’s interest in Keisuke Baji, the first division captain, Baji is departing to join Valhalla, a former member of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Mikey assures Takemichi that if he can get Baji back, he would remove Kisaki from the group. Takemichi is now officially a member of Takashi Mitsuya’s branch of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

It’s revealed to Takemichi that Mikey has a vendetta against Kazutora for killing Shinichiro, his elder brother, two years prior. Chifuyu Matsuno also tells Takemichi that Baji posed as a defector from the gang in order to examine Kisaki. The Tokyo Manji Gang would ultimately be integrated into Valhalla following a brawl on October 31, 2005 known as “Bloody Halloween,” which was prompted by Mikey killing Kazutora in wrath for killing Baji, he learns from Kisaki, who built Valhalla for Mikey to be its leader.

Baji tries to stop Kisaki during Bloody Halloween, but Kisaki and Hanma persuade Kazutora to knife him. However, Takemichi is powerless to save Baji’s death, even when the Tokyo Manji Gang triumphs. Furthermore, Valhalla is assimilated into the organisation, and Kisaki exploits their loss to further his prestige within the Tokyo Manji Gang. As a result of Takemichi’s intervention, Mikey fails to kill Kazutora and decides to submit himself into police. As Baji’s replacement, Takemichi is promoted to captain of the first division.

Tokyo Revengers

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Tokyo Revengers-A Christmas Showdown With Black Dragons

Tokyo Manji Gang and the Black Dragons have developed into an enormous crime syndicate since Takemichi’s return to the present, and his companions continue to perish. To find out how the Tokyo Manji Gang and the Black Dragons came to be united, Hakkai Shiba must quit the Tokyo Manji Gang in order to join the Black Dragons, as ordered by his violent elder brother and current head of the Black Dragons, Taiju.

On the condition that Yuzuha Shiba, the Shiba brothers’ sister, no longer works for the Black Dragons and that Taiju is not permitted to abuse her, Mitsuya allows Hakkai to join. For the sake of his own safety and that of Yuzuha, Taiju has no intention of honouring his pledge to Takemichi and Chifuyu, as Hakkai informs them just before they depart.

A breach of the agreement would reflect ill on Mitsuya and so Takemichi turns to the Tokyo Manji Gang for assistance, but they reject. In spite of this, he and Chifuyu are able to secure the assistance of only Kisaki and Hanma. Hakkai intends to kill Taiju on December 24, 2005, according to Coco and Inupi, two Black Dragons. Kisaki and Hanma deceived and abandoned Takemichi on December 24, when he confronts them. As a result, Chifuyu manages to escape and enlists the aid of Mitsuya in the fight against Taiju.

Takemichi understands that in the previous timeline, Yuzuha had killed Taiju after being pressured by Kisaki, which then led to Hakkai accepting the blame for her and being obliged to follow his commands as a result of her actions.. When Mikey and Draken show up just in time to stop the Black Dragons, Takemichi encourages Hakkai to stand up to Taiju and save Yuzuha. When Coco and Inupi dissolve, they retain their titles as Black Dragons’ 11th generation co-leaders and join the Tokyo Manji Gang as Takemichi’s lieutenants. Mikey removes Kisaki from the gang after learning about his treason. As a result of Mikey’s decision, the Tokyo Manji Gang has lost 350 members, including Hanma and the former members of Moebius and Valhalla.

Tokyo Revengers-The Tenjiku Arc May Be Seen

When Takemichi returns to the present, the Tokyo Manji Gang has been absorbed by Tenjiku following the “Kanto incident,” which has left Mikey disheartened to the point of murdering all of his pals and leaving Tenjiku in control of the group. Takemichi and Naoto discover that Kisaki is a member of Tenjiku and that Shinichiro is the Black Dragons’ creator while investigating Tenjiku. To save their lives from certain death, Takemichi travels back in time before they are both killed in an ambush by Tenjiku members. Naoto died, and Takemichi had been time-traveling, so Hinata hears Takemichi’s heartfelt grief.

Upon learning that Tenjiku’s commander, Izana Kurokawa, is a distant relative of the Sanos, Takemichi carries a resentment towards Mikey since he wanted to be the leader of the Black Dragons, which Shinichiro had originally planned for Mikey to lead. Mucho and his vice captain, Sanzu, have joined Tenjiku, forcing Coco to join them. Takemichi’s tenacity impresses Inupi, who hands over leadership of the Black Dragons to him and tells the Tokyo Manji Gang that Izana is preparing an assault on the Black Dragons’ 11th anniversary, February 22nd, 2006.

When Takemichi and Kisaki and Hanma harm Mitsuya and Smiley on the day of their fight, the other captains no longer back him. The death of Mikey’s half sister, Emma, has left Draken and Mikey inconsolable. With just 50 members of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Takemichi gathers the remainder of the gang to confront Tenjiku, which has 400 members.

After discovering from Hinata that Takemichi had been time-traveling to save them, Mikey and Draken show up at the conclusion of the battle to help out. Kisaki shoots Kakucho and Izana, fatally injuring the latter, and departs as the Tenjiku are forced to acknowledge defeat. For taking over the Tokyo Manji Gang to gain social standing and pursue Hinata, Kisaki explains that he regards Takemichi as an adversary who has stolen her attention, and he intends to murder Hinata in every current reality that she rejects him.

Last Words-

Kisaki gets killed by a vehicle while all of this is going on. While Mikey chooses to dismantle the Tokyo Manji Gang following the Kanto event, Hanma goes on the run.