Who is Tobe Nwigwe Wife and How Long Has He Been Married?

Tobe Nwigwe wife Martica Fat Nwigwe is also an American singer. Tobe and Fat Nwigwe have been married since December 2017. They Want It, But No was performed by the duo for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – Music From and Inspired By.

Their song is the tenth on the album and lasts two minutes and thirty-seven seconds. The couple has also collaborated on other projects.

Tobe is a popular American-Nigerian singer. He was born as a first-generation Nigerian in Alief, Houston, Texas to Cyril Nwigwe and Victoria Nwigwe. The singer was raised Catholic but later began attending nondenominational churches.

Although the Texas native rose to fame as a rapper, football was his first love. Tobe played high school football before going on to play for the University of North Texas. His career was cut short due to a Lisfranc ligament tear, and he was unable to pursue a professional athletic career.

He has also dabbled in acting and is best known for his role as Nick in the Netflix television series Mo. He appeared in four episodes of the TV show. In the 2021 television series Forward: The Future of Black Music, he made his debut.

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Fat Nwigwe Is Tobe’s Partner In Professional Life Too

Tobe Nwigwe’s wife, Fat Nwigwe, is also a singer. They also collaborate on their non-profit organization TeamGINI.

Fat Nwigwe has appeared in several of her husband’s music videos. In May 2021, she made her film debut in Tobe Nwigwe Ft. Fat Nwigwe: Fye Fye, in which she both modeled and collaborated with her partner.

Tobe Nwigwe Wife

Fans can feel Fat and Tobe’s energy when they perform on stage together. Fat and Tobe are a dynamic duo who dedicate their lives to music, family, children, and their relationship.

Fat creates content for her YouTube channel as a social media influencer. She recently published a five-part series titled FOREVER TWISTED Our Story. She describes their romance in detail, from the beginning to the day they meet at the altar.

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They Are Married Since 2017

On December 16, 2017, Tobe Nwigwe married Martica Fat Nwigwe. Tobe and Fat got engaged in February of 2017.

Their first meeting occurred in the early 2010s. Fat revealed in a YouTube video about their romance that they met when Tobe was just starting his non-profit and she had moved to Huston, Texas, from Michigan. Tobe’s Non-profit was founded in 2010.

Martica met the rapper at church and fell in love with him right away. She had to wait years for Tobe to recognize their budding romance, and he was honest enough to admit that he didn’t want Martica in the beginning.

She was persistent and stayed with him as a best friend for years, trying her hardest to win his heart, which she eventually did. The couple got engaged in February 2017. Fat revealed the proposal and her response to her Instagram followers in a post.

Fat also posted a two-part video of their proposal on her YouTube channel. Tobe is seen in the video performing at an event when he invites his then-girlfriend on stage and brings out his family and friends from backstage before getting down on one knee to propose.

Meanwhile, while their relationship was blossoming, Fat and Tobe collaborated on several masterpieces and performed concerts together. They also acted as an influencer couple, and many others modeled their relationship after theirs.

On December 16, 2017, Tobe and Martica married. The couple had a lovely wedding, with the bride wearing a simple yet lovely long wedding gown and the groom dressed in a greenish suit.

They are happily married and never miss an opportunity to wish each other a happy wedding anniversary. The couple appears to be happily married.

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