The Walking Dead Season 12: Will The Post-Apocalyptic Show Return?

The Walking Dead, an AMC zombie show that was a massive hit for 12 years and 11 seasons, ended on November 20. Rest in Peace, the last episode, was the last one made by the show’s creators.

Even though the last episode of season 11 was the show’s end, fans still don’t seem to be done with the horror-thriller series. Many people are now wondering if the show will return for a 12th season. But will The Walking Dead Season 12 Happen? Find out by reading on.

Will The Walking Dead Season 12 Happen?

The Walking Dead will not be back for season 12, which is too bad. With season 11, the show is done for good, and no more seasons will be made. Back in 2022, it was said that the show would end after the eleventh season.

The Walking Dead Season 12
The Walking Dead Season 12

A bumper season with 24 episodes was made to give the show a proper send-off.

The AMC network did not stop airing the show. Instead, the show’s creators thought they had told the story they wanted to tell and that it was time to end the show because they didn’t want it to go on for too long.

The Walking Dead had also outgrown the comic books by Robert Kirkman that it was based on, so it made sense for the show’s creators to end it. Many people think the show will end because its ratings have declined. The Walking Dead was one of the most-watched shows at its peak in 2015 and 2016, but the number of people who watched it has decreased over time.

The Walking Dead Universe Will Continue with Multiple Spin-Offs

Even though the show won’t be back for another season, fans don’t have to worry because there are plans for several spin-offs in The Walking Dead universe. AMC will also start a show about Rick and Michonne in 2023. Fear the Walking Dead season 12 will be on for its eighth successive year.

The spin-off, which doesn’t have a name yet, could have more than one season. “This series tells an epic love story about two people who have changed because the world has changed. Space kept them apart. By a force that can’t be stopped. By ghosts of who they used to be. The official description says, “Rick and Michonne are thrown into another world where there is a war against the dead and, in the end, a war against the living.”

Maggie and Negan will also be in New York City in a show called “The Walking Dead: Dead City,” which is set to start in April 2023. Then, there is a show about Daryl Dixon going to France to find out where the virus came from.

The episodic anthology show Tales of the Walking Dead, which began this year, is also said to be getting more seasons. One day, these characters’ stories may come together by seeing how they continue their journeys. This could be what The Walking Dead Season 12 is about. But that doesn’t look likely right now.

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FAQs About The Walking Dead Season 12

How Many Episodes Are in The Walking Dead Season Season 12?

The Walking Dead season 12 is not going to happen. It was decided in 2020 that season 11 would be the last, but extra episodes were ordered so that it could go out with a bang with a 24-episode season.

Is Season 11 of The Walking Dead Complete?

The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror TV show on AMC. The eleventh and final season started on August 22, 2021, and ended on November 20, 2022. It had 24 episodes.

But while attempting to escape a group of walkers with Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), Rosita fell off a pipe she was climbing into a mass of the undead.