“The Voice Season 23”: Is Blake Shelton Leaving The Show? 

“The Voice Season 22” has been in the news this season for quite some reasons. Though the season started on a good note, a lot of new developments have happened in “The Voice Season 22”. Starting from Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson not returning to be on the judging panel for personal reasons, to Camilla Cabello making her debut as “The Voice” judge, this year has been pretty interesting for the fans. Currently, “The Voice Season 22” is airing and fans are enjoying every bit of it. With so many great blind auditions and talents, this season has a lot of potentials. Gwen Stefani, Camilla Cabello, John Legend and Blake Shelton are judges of this season and they are seeing many future stars in the making. The show hasn’t wrapped up yet and the fans are already looking forward to watching “The Voice Season 23”. 

However, one of the OG judges of the show, Blake Shelton, who has constantly maintained his reputation of being in the show for all 22 seasons has some news to share. As confirmed by the country singer himself, Blake Shelton will no longer be a part of the show “The Voice Season 23”. Yes, the news might break your heart but the regular of the show is no longer going to be seen as the judge of “The Voice Season 23”. But why so and what was the reaction of his co-judges? We have covered all of the information right here. Also, read The Chosen Season 3.

Blake Shelton Announced his Retirement As A Judge from “The Voice Season 23”

Shelton is a fan-favorite judge of “The Voice”. As we have seen, a majority of the selected participants choose Blake because of his excellent knowledge of music. Moreover, Blake has been associated with the show since season one. Ever since “The Voice” debuted with Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, CeeLo Green and Shelton himself, the “God’s Country” singer has been in the red chair of a judge ever since then. Many new judges such as Pharrell Williams, Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, Usher, Shakira, and Miley Cyrus were seen in their red chairs in certain seasons but Shelton remained permanent. Fans believed that there is no replacement for Blake Shelton. However, that might remain the same as of “The Voice Season 23”.

On Tuesday, 13th October 2022, Blake Shelton took to social media to share his decision not to return as a judge in “The Voice Season 23”. 

The personal message read, “I’ve been wrestling with this for a while and I’ve decided that it’s time for me to step away from The Voice after season 23,” “This show has changed my life in every way for the better and it will always feel like home to me.” “It takes a lot of work, passion, and adult beverages (Ha!) to pull off a live show twice a week.”

The singer also mentioned how he had created lifelong bonds with his fellow coaches and in fact, married Gwen Stefani after developing love in the show.

In his journey as a coach, Shelton has won as many as eight times and he was never absent from any season.

In fact, coach John Legend said that he will be missing Shelton. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, John said, “He’s been doing the show for 22 seasons, it’ll be 23 when he’s done, and you can’t do something forever,” “We’re going to miss him though, he has been the heart and the anchor and the soul of the show for a long time, and he’s a friend of mine and I really enjoy working with him,” he added. “We’re all going to miss him.”

So, Shelton’s retirement will be hard not only for the judges but also for the diehard fans.

Who Will Be Replacing Blake Shelton in “The Voice Season 23”?

 The anticipation has already begun. Who will become the new coach in “The Voice Season 23” replacing Shelton? The question has been trending on the internet. It is still in the primary stage but “The Voice Season 23” premiere date is not yet announced. Moreover, viewers are watching the latest season on NBC every Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. Keeping all of this information aside, it is heard that the search for a new judge is in the works. 

Who Will Be Replacing Blake Shelton in “The Voice Season 23”
Who Will Be Replacing Blake Shelton in “The Voice Season 23”

Rumors suggest that Chance the Rapper and Niall Horan are expected to debut in “The Voice Season 23” as new coaches. Furthermore, country music singer Kelly Clarkson who has previously been a part of the show will be returning in “The Voice Season 23”. She took a break this season and with Shelton leaving his duties behind, Kelly is hopeful to come back.

These decisions are still in the initial stage but will be confirmed as “The Voice Season 23” is finalized. We all will miss Blake but for now, enjoy “The Voice Season 22”.

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