The New Overwatch 2: When They Will Be Release?

After much anticipation,  The New Overwatch 2 has here. I guess that’s true. Even though the hero shooter’s PvE mode has been relegated to the far future, Blizzard has given us two opportunities to try out the game’s redesigned PvP multiplayer in the first two betas. It has, at least thus far, a familiar, Overwatch-like vibe.

Overwatch 2 is starting to come together and it’s starting to seem like a free-to-play seasonal update. At the same time, it’s getting a significant overhaul and adding many new playable characters, arenas, and game modes. And perhaps the return of the long-forgotten PvE quests. Summarized below are the key details we currently know about Overwatch 2.

When Does The New Overwatch 2 Hero Release?

Early access for Overwatch 2 launches free on October 4, 2022. This was confirmed at the June 2022 Xbox Showcase. That is for PvP only, not PvE, which will likely have its release window.

The New Overwatch 2
The New Overwatch 2

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When Can You Play Overwatch 2 Betas Next?

Last month in July, Blizzard concluded its second player-versus-player beta. There has been no word on whether or not there will be another beta before Overwatch 2’s debut in early October. Still, we know Blizzard has one more new hero to reveal before then: a much-anticipated support character. If beta is coming up, Blizzard will announce it on the official Overwatch 2 website.

Overwatch 2’s New Heroes

Blizzard has decided to launch Overwatch 2 with three new characters after pausing and introducing them to the first game for a few years. So far, we only know about two of them (and have played them ourselves), but we do have some information regarding the third mystery hero scheduled for release this year:

  • Sojourn (Damage): One who wields a railgun assault rifle, which stores energy for subsequent intense bursts of fire and requires a highly mobile soldier to use. A neat fusion of the Widowmaker’s burst damage potential with the Soldier’s raw chip damage.
  • Junker Queen (Tank): Junker Queen is a close-combat specialist who wields a high-damage scattergun and can pull foes toward her with her throwing knives and drain health from those she has slashed with her axe. Her tremendous durability comes from her burst healing and heal-over-time abilities, yet her high damage output necessitates pinpoint accuracy.
  • Mystery hero (Support): The next playable character in Overwatch 2 will be a support role. As the most underrepresented class in Overwatch 2, supporters will be relieved to hear this. Blizzard is working on a solution to this issue by adding new support to Overwatch 2 throughout its first year.

The Most Significant Character Updates In Overwatch 2


The Orisa of Overwatch 2 is essentially a new character. Her signature shield is no more, but she can now deflect incoming missiles by whirling her new weapon, much like D.Va. And while we’re on the subject of weapons, her new right-click throws the spear with tremendous effect.


With the release of Overwatch 2, Doomfist made the transition from damage hero to the tank. Unlike Orisa, he still uses the foundational moves he learned. The most noticeable change is that his trademark punches no longer deal incredible damage but push foes about and open up opportunities for his squad. His uppercut has been swapped out for a Winston-style vertical leap.


The previously stationary tank now rolls on its wheels. He can walk around in turret shape for a brief time, although this ability doesn’t seem to last very long. His secondary grenade now serves as his self-heal right-click. His new ultimate attack resembles Doomfist’s meteor strike and consists of a mortar barrage.

Overwatch 2’s PvP Maps Are Unique

New maps for Overwatch 2 will be available at launch, with more to follow in subsequent seasons. Monte Carlo, Toronto, Gothenburg and Rio de Janeiro are the first four cities displayed. The last image is mysterious as ever, including the enormous ring in the sky, but I dig its aesthetic.

The New Overwatch 2

New Queen Street (Hybrid), Midtown (Payload), Circuit Royal (Escort) and Colosseo (Push) were the maps used during the PvP alpha and beta. There was also a collection of vintage maps depicting familiar locations at the same time of day.

What Do You Think Of Overwatch 2?

We’ve spent a lot of time in the Overwatch 2 PvP alpha and beta, so we have a lot of opinions about where the game is headed. Blizzard and players experience growing pains throughout two betas as they adjust to the game’s rapid pace.

It can be difficult to judge whether a new approach to a game is actually horrible or just different when you’ve been playing it for a long time with a particular strategy. So far, it’s seemed like a little of both. It’s far more challenging to stay alive in a 5v5 setting and as a result, supports, for example, have required many changes over the beta phase.

“There are still remnants of the first Overwatch in Overwatch 2, but they are so faint that non-aim-based characters and strategies are at a disadvantage when they don’t fit into the new rhythm of the game’s team fights. This can be fixed by making minor adjustments to the numbers and I expect this to be the bulk of the work put into the beta, outside of introducing new heroes.

Final Lines

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