The Handmaids Tale Season 5 Finale Recap: Starting Over

The Handmaids Tale Season 5 Finale Recap: After the shooting last week, June (Elisabeth Moss) isn’t taking any chances. She bought a bulletproof vest because she has to go to another memorial service. Luke (O-T Fagbenle) helps her adjust the Velcro straps on her protective gear. The scene then moves to Gilead, where the recent attack is also a big deal. Nick (Max Minghella) stops Commander Lawrence’s (Bradley Whitford) busy day to tell him about the shooting and insists that June shouldn’t be the target. Lawrence agrees, but he doesn’t feel sorry for her either. He stops short of saying that she deserves what she gets.

At the Red Center, Janine (Madeline Brewer) and the other Handmaids are having fun while scrubbing the floor and singing “It’s a Hard Knock Life.” Aunt Lydia (Ann Dowd), the headmistress of the Handmaids, overhears them, but she doesn’t punish them for their bad behavior. The other Aunts, on the other hand, are not as kind. One of them is quick to remind Lydia that Janine will need to be re-posted soon.

The Handmaids Tale Season 5 Finale Recap
The Handmaids Tale Season 5 Finale Recap

Lydia tries to make the best of a bad situation by asking Mrs. Naomi Putnam (Ever Carradine), who is getting ready to marry Lawrence if she will take in Janine as her house’s Handmaid. She doesn’t like the idea, but she says she’ll give it some thought. Lydia also tries to convince Janine to go along with the plan. She thinks that Janine will jump at the chance to live in the same house as her daughter Angela. Janine doesn’t want to be moved again, but she does what she’s told and reluctantly agrees.

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Back in Toronto, June is sipping coffee in her kitchen and having a rare moment of peace when Agent Tuello (Sam Jaeger) shows up. But he has good news: “an angry man with a gun” who shot at the memorial has been caught. Another angry man is waiting outside for June, which is a shame. She was hit by a pickup truck while walking Tuello to his car. The car, which has a Gilead bumper sticker, hits her again and then goes back to finish the job. Luke steps in and pulls the armed attacker out of the truck and beats him against the ground.

The Handmaids Tale Season 5 Finale Recap

Fast-forward to when Nick crossed into Canada to meet up with Tuello. When the former is taken to the hospital, he sits with June while she is still unconscious and gives her a kiss on the forehead. After the visit, Tuello takes him back to the border and asks him to sign a contract. Nick has finally agreed to help the U.S. government if they promise to keep June safe in the future. Before going back home, he tells Tuello, “Gilead wants her to suffer.”

At Lawrence’s house, Naomi is setting up the rules for Janine’s Handmaid’s “trial period” while Lydia’s plan is going great at Lawrence’s house. She tells her in a firm voice that Angela is not her child and that saying or doing anything else could make her lose her temper. After the tense meeting, Janine talks to a woman named Martha in private. Martha quietly tells Janine about the attempts on June’s life.

Later that same day, Naomi is much nicer to Janine, who she now calls “Ofjoseph.” But Janine is not in the mood to be nice because she just heard about what happened to June. She rejects the name “Handmaid” that was given to her, and then she tells Naomi how she really feels about her: “We’re not friends. You are one of the worst people I’ve ever met, in my opinion. I dislike you.”

Back in Toronto, June and Luke find out that the person who hit and ran didn’t make it. June thinks that if Luke, a refugee, kills a Canadian citizen, Canada won’t be happy about it. She decides that they should run away before they find him. They buy tickets to Hawaii, pack Nichole’s things, and leave that night. But Tuello stops their quick escape to tell them that there is a lot of police at the airport. He suggests that they instead take a train that takes people who don’t want to be there out west.

At Lawrence’s wedding reception in Gilead, all of the other Commanders are there, including Mackenzie, who has been very vocal about getting rid of June. Nick storms in, passes his wife Rose, and puts his fist in Lawrence’s face, saying, “You could have f—king killed her!” But the Commander does not agree, “I didn’t do it. It wasn’t up to me, “as Nick quickly leaves.

The Handmaids Tale Season 5 Finale Recap

There is also punishment in the Red Center. While Lydia scolds Janine for what she did with Mrs. Putnam, Lawrence sends two Eyes to catch her. They tie her hands together, put a cloth over her mouth, and force her into a van. Lydia gets angry and tries to help, but one of the men pushes her down. Inside the car, Janine tries to comfort another prisoner, Martha, who is crying and whose mouth is also covered. Martha may have told Janine about June.

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Nick’s night is not getting better. He is now in a holding cell in Gilead, where his pregnant wife visits him in a mean way. Rose tells him that he is lying to her about loving her and that he can’t let go of June. Nick says he tried, but couldn’t do it. She leaves quickly, but not before breaking off all contact with him.

In the last episode of Season 5, June, Luke, and Nichole are dropped off at the train station by Tuello. June pulls the agent aside and asks him to tell Nick that they’re safe. As they get closer to the ground, they see police checking people’s papers and asking them questions. Around them is a big group of refugees trying to leave Canada. Even worse, some police officers are looking for Luke.

Luke begs June to leave him behind and get on the train with Nichole. As they say their sad goodbyes over the phone — “Come find me,” she says through tears — June reluctantly gets on the bus. She watches from the train that is leaving as Luke gives up and is arrested right away.

Inside the train, June tries to make Nichole feel better while she looks for a place to sit down for the long trip. She likes the sound of another baby crying. The woman who is holding the fussy baby looks at June. Serena is trying to get Noah to be quiet. June walks toward her slowly, still not believing it. “Hi, June,” Serena says with a forced smile. Still shocked, June can hardly get out, “Hi, Serena.”

After being speechless for a few seconds, Serena smiles again and asks, “You got a diaper?” June tilts her head to the side, smiles halfway, and raises one eyebrow. As the camera moves away, the two keep staring at each other, while the first words of Billie Eilish’s song “Bored to Death” play in the background “What do you want from me? Why don’t you try to get away from me? “Why don’t you feel scared of me?” – Bring up the end credits.

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