The Devil’s Hour Season 2 Release Date: Who Could Return For The New Episode?

The Devil’s Hour Season 2: This Halloween, Prime Video gave its users access to the unsettling new character Gideon, played by Doctor Who stars Peter Capaldi, in the supernatural crime thriller The Devil’s Hour. His relationship with Lucy Chambers, a social worker played by Jessica Raine in the six-part series, who wakes up at the same time each night and has strange visions, is revealed.

After binge-watching the thrilling premiere, many viewers are now clamoring for more episodes, and star Jessica Raine has revealed that there are already plans in place for two more seasons. It is still unclear whether they will be released, as good viewing is frequently the deciding factor in an increasingly cutthroat world of streaming. Here are the most recent developments on The Devil’s Hour.

Will There be The Devil’s Hour Season 2?

One thing is sure: The Devil’s Hour co-star Jessica Raine and series creator Tom Moran are eager to produce a second season, as Raine revealed in an exclusive interview. When we began that first day of filming, the entire first season had already been written, so Raine could say, “I knew precisely where it was going.” “I also knew he was planning a season 2 and a season 3,” the author continued.

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She said, “It’s finite – that would be what it is if it gets green-lit, which I hope it does,” so don’t expect the program to go on past that. Prime Video will ultimately decide if The Devil’s Hour will be renewed, but having the full support of the creative team is undoubtedly a positive step in the right direction.

The Devil’s Hour Season 2 Release Date

Prime Video has confirmed that seasons 2 and 3 of The Devil’s Hour will be released. Season 2 won’t start airing until at least late 2023, and there is no official release date. The Devil’s Hour tells the tale of Lucy, who experiences frightening visions every night at precisely 3.33 a.m.—the Devil’s Hour.

The solutions to the questions that have eluded Lucy for so long will eventually become apparent when her identity is mysteriously linked to a spate of horrible killings in the neighborhood.

The Devil's Hour Season 2
The Devil’s Hour Season 2

The show’s creator and writer, Tom Moran, noted, “Telling a tale on television is risky.” “The first season of The Devil’s Hour was only the beginning—the first chapter of a television novel. That we can keep turning those pages and putting the puzzle pieces together makes me incredibly happy. If you believed the season 1 finale provided all the answers, you haven’t been asking the right questions.”

The creative team was “over the moon” to be coming back for a further two seasons, according to executive producer Sue Vertue (Dracula, Sherlock). She remarked that Tom Moran and his brilliant mind “have so much more in store for us all.” It will be a great ride because this was always intended to be a three-series arc.

The Devil’s Hour Season 2 Cast

Peter Capaldi and Jessica Raine are set to return in their respective roles of Gideon and Lucy if The Devil’s Hour is renewed for a second season. The Devil’s Hour cast includes Nikesh Patel as DI Ravi Dhillon, Meera Syal as Dr. Ruby Bennett, Alex Ferns as DS Nick Holness, Phil Dunster as Mike Stephens, and Barbara Marten as Sylvia Chambers may also make a comeback.

The Devil’s Hour Season 2 Plot

With Raine hinting at some significant changes for social worker Lucy, if The Devil’s Hour returns for season 2, we might witness some unexpected events for our main characters.

She said of the character, “It’s a gift because it will continue to be incredibly tough, not at all formulaic, a different side of the coin.” Oh my God, [the first season] is like one-third of a novel, so there’s so much possibility for more, said Raine. “That’s the piece I can’t speak about,” she said. “I hope we can finish it; it’s a wonderful idea.”

Gideon’s escape from custody at the end of season one to continue his time-warping mayhem will undoubtedly impact Lucy and the other main characters.

The Devil’s Hour Season 2 Trailer 

None yet! There won’t be any additional footage released until an announcement is made because we’re still waiting to hear what the series’ future holds. You can watch its previews trailer below:

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