The Control Room Season 2 Release Date: Who Will Be Coming Back?

The Control Room Season 2 Release Date: The Control Room, the most recent thriller from Agents of SHIELD actor Iain De Caestecker, packs a lot into just three episodes.

The BBC drama is full of drama but in a hair-raising, shout-at-the-telephone kind of way that makes you feel your heartbeat racing as they crank the pressure cooker to its highest setting. By a hair’s breadth, Joanna Vanderham’s Sam and De Caestecker’s Gabe manage to escape the mayhem they created.

Between the life-or-death decisions, there is also plenty of room for forgiveness. Not just between Sam and Gabe—whose problems, let’s face it, needed to be resolved—but also between Gabe and his father, with whom he had an estranged relationship.

It seems as though the chapter has ended with all those happy emotions resolved and that annoying murder mystery put to rest in the most unexpected of ways. But is The Control Room’s era honestly over now? Or is there a chance for additional suspense brought on by panic?

Here is everything we know thus far about season two of The Control Room.

The Control Room Season 2 Release Date

Although a second season of The Control Room has not yet been ordered, one has been discussed. De Caestecker revealed in an exclusive that he’d be interested in watching a follow-up season.

“I’d love to see a season two,” he said. “I think if we do a season two, it would be cool to do it with a whole new cast of people, maybe even a police one,” he added. “That would be pretty cool.”

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When on the other hand, it is a little complicated. Fans will have to wait a little longer since the first installment just arrived. But if it proceeds in the same manner as season 1, we anticipate a summer release.

Who Will Return for the Control Room Season 2?

It sounds like De Caestecker won’t require much persuasion to reprise his part as Gabe, and it would be entertaining to watch Joanna Vanderham take on Sam again. If only to see what more problems she could bring upon poor Gabe and how they would wriggle out of them.

Although Game of Thrones actor Daniel Portman did a fantastic job playing the villain Anthony, there is minimal possibility that he will return because he was safely imprisoned.

The Control Room Season 2 Release Date
The Control Room Season 2 Release Date

A fresh harvest is legitimately anticipated if De Caestecker is correct about The Control Room adopting new parameters. If not, we wish Taj Atwal from Line of Duty would return as Leigh. Though it appeared to be the end, the story arc between her and Gabe left room for disappointment. As if Gabe’s lack of atonement left things unclear.

The Control Room Season 2 Plot

That would certainly be telling. Please, someone, let us know. We are desperate for hints. It would be essential to have the chance to delve more into Sam and Gabe’s romance. Despite building some bridges, their dysfunction persists. It’s still unclear how deep the relationship is because it already feels like we’ve only begun to scrape the surface of it.

The same is true for Gabe and his father Ian (Stuart Bowman). Although the reason for their broken relationship—Mum died, and the sadness drove father and son to drift apart—is less mysterious, it would be interesting to learn how they restored it.

The rest is now unclear, which is understandable, but if there is a second series, we have high hopes it will match the first caliber.

Is There a Trailer for the Control Room?

We are creating a trailer that will make the hairs stand up on the back of our necks in the not-too-distant future. You’ll have to keep in touch with us until that time.

How Does Control Room End?

Throughout the three-part series, Gabe endured hell, becoming the target of gangsters following a failed trade of illegal goods, finding a dead body in the back of a van, and dealing with all kinds of drama to prevent Sam from being charged with murder—or so he believed.

The plot took a turn, however, when it became clear that Sam’s boyfriend, Anthony (Gabe’s suspicious coworker played by Daniel Portman), was the one who had been manipulating Gabe from the start to carry out Anthony’s illegal orders.

It was revealed that Sam was also a character from Gabe’s past. He speaks to childhood friends Robbo (Daniel Cahill) and Eilidh (Charlene Boyd) about Sam, with whom they’ve maintained contact, and learns that she—not Gabe as everyone had been led to believe—was to blame for the fire that unintentionally killed Robbo’s father as a child.

Sam eventually changes her mind and calls the police to prevent Anthony from wrecking Gabe’s life and leaving. Sam and Gabe reconcile near the end of the series, but it’s obvious they still have hostility. This disappointing conclusion has saddened several viewers.

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