Who Is Teyonah Parris Husband And Do They Have Kids?

On WandaVision, Teyonah Parris played Monica Rambeau, a woman who had no choice but to mourn her mother, who died while Thanos’s snap had victimized Monica.

Thankfully in real life, Teyonah, her husband, and her daughter are together, and in no danger of being snapped away!

Who is Teyonah Parris’s Husband? Meet James Parris

Unlike his MCU star wife, James Parris keeps things relatively private regarding his own life. However, it’s abundantly clear from Teyonah’s loving Instagram posts that James is a constant by her side, whether at industry events or holding Teyonah when she was giving birth to their daughter.

Teyonah Parris Husband

Teyonah talked about how grateful she was that James was there to support her during her pregnancy journey in one particularly sweet post. She stated, “God revealed himself when he gifted me with this excellent GOOD man to accompany me on this journey. My love, thank you for everything you do for our family and me.”

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How Many Kids Do Teyonah And Her Husband Have?

While it isn’t clear what Teyonah’s husband does for a living (it doesn’t look like he’s an actor), it is evident that James and Teyonah’s daughter is their first and only child (so far, anyway).

Although Teyonah didn’t reveal her baby daughter’s name on her Instagram, she did show an emotional video reel from her at-home water birth, including her husband holding her at several moments in the tub.

Teyonah acknowledged in the post that it didn’t really hit her until she gave birth herself how it really took a village to raise a child, even before the child was born.

“No one I’d rather be sleepless and covered in baby drool and spit-up with than you, my love,” Teyonah said in another post, “but glad to see we can still clean up when we need to!”