Swedish Agency does not recommend that children aged 5 to 11 be vaccinated against Covid


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Entendimento é que os benefícios com uma eventual vacinação não superariam os riscos para essa faixa etária

Understanding is that the benefits of a possible vaccination would not outweigh the risks for this age group| Photo: EFE/EPA/MOHAMED MESSARA

The Swedish health agency has decided not to recommend that children aged 5 to years to be vaccinated against Covid-11. “With the knowledge we have today, with a low risk of serious illness for children, we don’t see any clear benefit in vaccinating them,” he said on Thursday (19 ) the president of the agency, Britta Bjorkholm, according to information from the Reuters agency.

Sweden’s understanding is that the benefits of an eventual vaccination would not outweigh the risks. The decision, which makes an exception for children in high-risk groups, could be reviewed in case future research indicates a need for vaccination or if a new variant is detected, added Bjorkholm.

On Wednesday (19), the Swedish government extended for another two weeks the restrictions to face the omicron variant of the new coronavirus, such as closing bars and restaurants at 13 hours and limit of 380 people inside larger closed places.

More than

were registered a thousand new cases of the disease in the country on Wednesday, one of the daily numbers highest since the beginning of the pandemic, but without the same pressure on health services that was verified in previous waves.

According to Reuters, 101 patients with Covid- are hospitalized in ICUs in Sweden this Thursday, while in the first half of 1280 the daily number exceeded 400 hospitalizations in intensive care units.

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