How To Submit Recommendation Letters on The Common App?

Submit Recommendation Letters on The Common App: The time when you decide to apply for graduate school is the step toward your career adventure. No matter the type of program you decide to enter, you will be requested by the college to provide a reference letter as an essential application requirement.

For this, you might seek support from your teachers and advisors in creating and submitting your recommendation letter. How to construct an impressive recommendation letter? We have highlighted all the crucial data linked to recommendation letters on the common app.

To assure your entrance to any certain program by submitting a recommendation letter, you must read the article thoroughly.

What are recommendation letters on the common app?

Even if students have a long year or good ties with their teachers, many still do not know what to write in their letters of recommendation. Teachers are ready to write letters for their pupils, therefore it is good to compile a list of the things they write to aid in recommender memory and the writing process.

On a common app, the successful recommendation letter can be personal, descriptive, and complementary to the application. Remember that recommendation letters are not superfluous in any scenario.

The nicest thing is that high schools have a system to help in the process of recommendation letters. There is a counseling office that invites pupils to go through a questionnaire to put in a request for a reference letter.

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How to submit recommendation letters on the common app?

Here is the step-by-step process to submit recommendation letters on the common app.

How To Submit Recommendation Letters on The Common App
How To Submit Recommendation Letters on The Common App
  • Select the individuals to whom you would like recommendation letters to be sent on your behalf, and then request that those individuals adhere to the related recommendations.
  • The next step is to email your college list, CV, and any more information that pertains to you so that more context may be provided.
  • After that, navigate to your Common App website, log in, and under the section labeled “invite and manage recommenders,” add the names of your recommenders.
  • Go to FERPA and the recommenders section of your school in the “my college” tab.
  • You are required to finish the FERPA and family educational rights paperwork to release the authorization process. Before designating the recommender, do this. We recommend that you give up some of your rights here.
  • Then, you should assign your recommender to the school you are applying to.
  • You will be able to get notifications on the letter you are willing to send to your school when you have assigned a recommender from the list provided above.
  • When choosing which letters to send to which school, it is a good idea to check to see if the recommenders can fulfill the conditions set forth by the institution for a recommendation letter.
  • In the final step, you will need to submit your reference letter through the Common Application by clicking the submit button.

After you have sent in the letter of recommendation, it is recommended that you check in online at regular intervals. If the submission deadline is getting close but your recommenders do not tell you, you need to double-check everything and make sure it is correct before you send it in.

How do teachers submit letters of recommendation on the common app?

Usually, students ask their teachers to submit recommendation letters. Various recommenders or teachers usually send recommendation letters in digital form through the application platform students use, named a common app.

Imagine that the time for the submission of the letter of recommendation is drawing near, but that your recommender still has not turned in the letter. In such a scenario, students will inquire as to whether they require the person’s assistance in completing their recommendation or not.

It is generally more courteous to address the situation in this manner rather than to state that your deadline is drawing near and that you have not yet sent your reference letter, what you have been doing up until now, etc.

It is recommended that students urge their instructors or recommenders to submit their letters of recommendation on the common application so that they can avoid situations like the ones described above.

Common app teacher recommendation form

On the Common Application, the form for requesting a reference from a teacher includes all of the information that may be found elsewhere about the instructor, including their recommendation letter number and their relationship with students. The rating that students give to teachers based on their characteristics, talents, assessments, behavior, learning capacities, and many other factors is also included on the teacher recommendation form that can be found on the Common Application.

When you add the teacher recommendation form to the Common Application, it will show which college you are assigned to, how you give college-related recommendations to students, how many recommendation letters you have submitted on behalf of students, and other relevant information.

How to add letters of recommendation for graduate school?

Here are the simple steps to add your letter of recommendation for graduate school.

  • In a recommendation letter, you have to start by saying hello.
  • Opening paragraph: applicant relationship, position, and general assessment of public
  • Second paragraph: EvidenceEvidence of skill or trait, positive skill, anecdotes that determine your skills
  •  Third paragraph: Additional traits or skill, EvidenceEvidence of skill and character, and anecdotes in brief
  •  Final paragraph: It gives a clear recommendation of the applicant to a specific program in a specific college
  •  Closing line: A polite offer to contract if required

How to update recommender info on the common app?

When filling out a common application, it’s possible to misspell the name of a recommender. Most students worry about how they will keep the recommended information up to date and get rid of mistakes.

During the invitation process on the Common App, if you misspelled any information about a recommender, you can’t change or update it. In this case, you need to tell your recommender because they can only change the information after logging in to their account.

They can open their account by tapping the gear icon at the top of their screen, which is next to the signup button. Once the recommender fixes the details, the changes will be made to your application automatically.

How to view recommendation letters on a common app?

Whether or not you can see your recommendation letter on the Common Application depends on whether you are a student or a teacher.

  • Some students Submit the recommendation letter itself on the common application. This means they have the referee’s name or password, which they can use to log in to their account on the app and see their recommendation letter.
  • On the other hand, if a student’s recommendation letter is uploaded to a Common App with the help of a counselor, teacher, or advisor, the student does not see the letter.
  • By logging in to an account on the app, only their counselor or teacher can see the letter of recommendation.

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How do recommendation letters work on the common app?

Common apps make writing recommendation letters easier because they are done on a professional platform. The Common Application offers four different kinds of recommendations: personal, academic, professional, and high school officials. You can ask the recommender for help here if you want to send in your recommendation letter.

You can also find out what’s going on with your letter of recommendation. You can also easily send letters of recommendation to the school where you are applying for a program.

Recommendation letters examples

Recommendation letters are handled professionally through common applications. The Common Application offers four distinct types of reference letters: personal, academic, professional, and high school official. Here, you and your recommender can work together to send in your suggestion.

Your recommendation letter status can also be viewed here. Assigning recommendation letters to the institution to which you’re applying is also a breeze.

  • A description of the recommender’s relationship to the person for whom they are writing the recommendation letter.
  • Indicative of the applicant’s potential for success at the institution to which they are applying are their many notable strengths.
  • The applicant’s character and skills are on display through the use of anecdotes in the recommendation letter.


Recommendation letters are one of the most important parts of an application. A recommendation letter is an important part of putting together a complete academic and personal profile. It needs to have a plan. It is best to be proactive and start thinking about how to write your letter of recommendation early. stay connected to our website Nog for more latest updates.


Can you use the same letter of recommendation for multiple colleges’ common apps?

No, you can’t send the same letter of recommendation to more than one school. Each application you send in needs a different letter of recommendation. Most of the time, your referees will be asked to give recommendations based on the program you are applying for.

Do you have to submit recommendations on Common App?

High school officials have been asked to post your final high school transcript. If they don’t, you have to send a letter of recommendation for them. Every program has different requirements for a letter of recommendation, so you have to work in the right way.

Can you reuse recommendation letters on the common app?

You might want the person who sends the letter of recommendation to do it each time on their own. The easiest way to reuse a letter of recommendation is usually on the application portal, where the letter is automatically sent to colleges when you apply.

When are recommendation letters due for the common app?

Unless your teacher or school has different rules, you will be asked for your recommendation letter about 4 weeks before the deadline for your colleges. If you haven’t received the recommendation letter by the deadline, it will be due for the common application.