Spotify Might Launch HiFi Quality Tier Next Month

It looks like Spotify might finally let its subscribers stream in HiFi quality. Apple Music, Deezer, and Tidal already have HiFi music, but the streaming music platform doesn’t offer music quality above 320kbit/s at the moment.

Spotify has said that the HiFi subscription will be back in 2021, but the lossless quality setting hasn’t been added to the platform yet. Now, a Reddit user named nearly mind has found the feature before it is likely to be released.

When the Redditor canceled their Spotify Premium subscription to switch to Apple Music, the platform sent them a survey asking if they would consider paying for Spotify Platinum in the next 30 days. If this poll is accurate, Spotify Platinum, which is thought to have music with lossless quality, could come out in November.

Spotify HiFi
Spotify HiFi

Spotify’s new Platinum plan might include HiFi streaming, Studio Sound, a headphone tuner, audio insights, Library Pro, Playlist Pro, and a limited number of podcasts that are supported by ads.

Playlist Pro isn’t clear yet, but it could be like Apple Music’s Smart Playlist, which adds songs to a playlist automatically if they meet certain criteria. Library Pro, on the other hand, could let users change information about songs, artists, albums, and more.

The Redditor’s post says that Spotify Platinum will cost $19.99 USD (about $27.52 CAD). This is the same price as Tidal. Apple Music, on the other hand, includes HiFi as part of its $9.99 base price, so it’s possible that Spotify’s price tiers will change.

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