Slick Goku Death: What Happened to Popular Youtuber?

After many online talks, it was said that famous YouTuber Slick Goku died on January 21, 2023. His family told him they were sorry about his death and sent a link to a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for his funeral. Slick Goku has gained over 250,000 fans and millions of views on his videos in the four years since he first signed up for YouTube.

Slick Goku Death

Many people were curious about Slick Goku’s cause of death after hearing that he had passed away. His real name was Reggie Groover. According to reports, he passed away on January 19, 2023, and the news of his passing was made public two days later.

According to a tweet by voice actor Freddie Heinz, Reggie passed away following a “severe seizure,” even though the GoFundMe page doesn’t provide any other information. Reggie passed away with “family around him,” according to the GoFundMe site, which has already raised more than twice its $10,000 target. The page continues to honor his legacy, including his channel and the people he had influenced:

“Reggie had a creative soul,” the page reads. “He created his own YouTube Community and worked diligently to create his own videos. Anywhere Reggie would go he would make friends. Reggie was the kind of man that would support those he cared about. Reggie is a dependable man who is dedicated to improving himself. Reggie enjoyed living life to the fullest. He loved running, swimming, and skateboarding.”

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What Happened to Slick Goku Youtuber?

Slick Goku, a popular YouTuber, was known for his quick jokes and cartoon videos. Sadly, on January 19, 2023, the YouTuber passed dead. Family and friends confirmed the death of the American YouTuber Slick Goku. Reggie Groover is the actual name of Slick Goku.

Slick Goku Death
Slick Goku Death

Reggie debuted as Slick Goku on YouTube on December 1st. Reggie accumulated more than 266,000 fans in 4 years. Additionally, he saw more than 43 million views on his YouTube account. Short animations and sketches featuring intriguing characters from his “Slick Goku” universe were Slick Goku’s specialty. To find out Slick Goku’s cause of death, scroll down.

Fans and Fellow Youtubers Have Posted About Reggie’s Death

Reggie’s passing is being reported in the online community he helped to create even as his family and close friends mourn him. His most popular content included a series of short animated films set in a world similar to Dragon Ball Z. He gained a sizable following of followers because of the videos that encouraged him and his abilities as an animator and comic.

“Just heard about the passing of Reggie Groover aka Slick Goku passing away,” one person wrote online. “He was such a great entertainer and I was stunned after hearing this. Rest in Paradise king. Much love to his family and friends.”

“I want to say thanks for all of the videos you made, you will be missed. RIP Slick Goku,” another person added.

Everyone who knew Reggie and those who supported him without knowing him adored him. He remained active online until his passing, and the condolences that have been left indicate that those who frequently followed him will be missed. According to the information on the GoFundMe website, Reggie’s funeral is anticipated to take place on January 28.

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