Showtime Plus Has Officially Ordered the Dexter Prequel Series

There were rumors last week that “Dexter” would soon return in a new prequel series. Showtime checked such assertions this week with the Wall Street Journal.

According to Wall Street Journal:

“The network has ordered an origin-story prequel to Dexter, a serial-killer drama that dates back to 2006.

Showtime is also exploring separate spinoffs based on the back stories of compelling Dexter characters, including the Trinity Killer.”

The website article goes on to say:

“The origin story will be set in Dexter’s hometown of Miami, and will touch on stories of real-life serial killers of the time period,”

Dexter Morgan’s early years as he began to develop into the vengeful serial killer he would become will be dramatized in “Dexter: Origins.” Dexter joins Miami Metro after graduating from college, where he runs across many of the characters we grew to know in the show’s first season. It is situated in Miami, a haven for historical serial killers.

Showtime Plus Has Officially Ordered the Dexter Prequel Series

Showtime Plus Has Officially Ordered the Dexter Prequel Series
Showtime Plus Has Officially Ordered the Dexter Prequel Series

Naturally, the show will also center on Dexter’s family, which includes a powerful young Deb and an extremely lively Harry. According to news reports from the previous week, the well-liked revival series “Dexter: New Blood” from last year was not renewed for a second season. It seems, nevertheless, that the story was false.

The network announced this afternoon that they would also be producing a new season of “Dexter: New Blood,” which charts the growth of Dexter’s son Harrison. The protagonist of the play is Dexter’s son Harrison. After a tumultuous reunion with his father, Harrison manages to escape and make his way to New York City.

He is forced to face his violent tendencies and wonders if, like his father, he too is motivated to kill. The original Showtime series’ themes and circumstances will be examined through a new lens in “New Blood.”

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Here is a tweet about the Dexter Prequel Series that you may view and learn more about:

With an average of over 8 million weekly viewers across platforms in 2017, “Dexter: New Blood” smashed the previous Showtime viewership record. Based on that accomplishment, it seems that Showtime intends to extend the “Dexter” universe completely.

As you may have heard last week, the network will soon merge with Paramount+ across linear and streaming and take the name “Paramount+ with Showtime.”