Shooting Between Two Drivers After a Minor Collision, Memphis Police Says

Memphis Police have made available surveillance footage of a driver who they claim rear-ended another driver and then shot at the victim when he pursued him.

In Southeast Memphis, close to Mt. Moriah and Ridgeway Road, it happened on Monday morning, 20 February 2023.

The police say (according to the source), the driver of a light blue Nissan Altima can be seen in the video pulling over, getting out of his car, and firing rounds at the driver of a red Nissan Altima who is following him. Also, you can see the red car’s driver pulling up to get away from the shooting.

Shooting Between Two Drivers After a Minor Collision
Shooting Between Two Drivers After a Minor Collision

The victim claimed the driver of the blue Altima struck him as he was attempting to merge onto 240 while traveling west on 385. He claimed to have followed the blue Altima as it proceeded to travel west on 240.

The most surprising thing we’ve found is that police are still investigating the most recent horrible shooting incident that has caused massive loss of human life-

He claimed to have witnessed the driver of the blue Altima getting out and shooting bullets at him. The victim claimed that as soon as he realized bullets were striking his automobile, he placed it in reverse. The red Altima’s driver was not wounded, although his vehicle was hit multiple times.

As the facts mentioned above, Another driver waved down police after reporting that his Yukon was struck by gunshots as he was leaving the Mapco on Mt. Moriah. The Yukon’s driver reported that the shooter was traveling in a light blue Nissan Altima with an interim white tag.

The video of this incident is officially posted on You can easily find out what happened.