Shirley Wilson Murder: What Happened To Him?

The unexpected death of a devoted grandma has perplexed locals in Des Moines, Iowa. The authorities’ efforts to establish the truth were aided by surveillance video and phone data, which eventually shattered the critical suspect’s alibi.

The creators of Investigation Discovery’s ‘American Nightmare: No Good Deed’ investigate Shirley Wilson’s murder and how the perpetrator was apprehended.

How Did Shirley Wilson Die?

Shirley was born in Kentucky and eventually moved to Iowa. The 65-year-old enjoyed spending time with her grandchildren and frequently entertained guests at home. Her loved ones remembered her as a sweet and witty woman who never failed to make others smile.

On March 2, 2002, her son, Ron, visited his son and discovered the postal worker in the house by the washing machine, lying in a pool of blood.

When the authorities arrived, they found the living room in disorder, with several pieces of furniture, knocked over, implying a struggle. Shirley was discovered naked, although she had been stabbed 67 times with a steak knife from the kitchen.

Shirley Wilson Murder

The broken knife components, as well as fragments of glass, were located near the body. There were no traces of forced entry or missing items. Thus, a botched robbery was ruled out.

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Shirley Wilson Killed

Initially, the authorities examined Ron and Shirley’s ex-boyfriend. According to the show, the ex told the cops that they had broken up a few months before.

While they had a verbal argument in the past, it never became violent, and he denied any involvement in the murder. The police were then informed that Shirley’s grandson, Travis Milligan, also resided at the residence with her.

Authorities suspected Shirley was murdered on the night of March 1, 2002, and began questioning Travis about his whereabouts. He claimed to have gone to a strip club with a few companions that night when he was 19 years old.

Travis then stated that he came home sometime after midnight, smoked for a few minutes, and then walked to a local convenience shop. Travis then called a buddy to pick him up, and they drove to the friend’s house, where he spent the night.

Travis was last seen leaving the strip club around 12:39 a.m. on the night Shirley died. The acquaintance also confirmed Travis’ statement, although phone records contradicted it.

According to the friend’s phone logs, he received a call from the convenience store around 2:17 a.m., indicating that Travis stayed home far longer than he initially stated. According to the show, someone else with Travis at the strip club told the cops that the youngster discussed killing someone in the family that night.

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