Former Sonics Star Shawn Kemp Was Arrested for Alleged Drive-by Shooting at Tacoma Mall Parking Lot

Several sources have confirmed that on Wednesday, former Seattle SuperSonics star Shawn Kemp was arrested on a drive-by shooting accusation in Tacoma, Washington.

On Wednesday at 1:58 p.m. local time, police in Tacoma stated that a 53-year-old male had been booked for an alleged drive-by shooting. According to the documents, Shawn Travis Kemp was booked into the Pierce County Jail on a drive-by shooting charge on a Wednesday afternoon. The former NBA star’s middle name and age are a perfect match.

You can read Tacoma Police Department’s full tweet about it given below-

Tacoma police say that shots were fired in a mall parking lot after an argument broke out between the occupants of two vehicles. Police said that one vehicle fled the scene, and no one was hurt. During the investigation, a firearm was located and retrieved.

Shawn Kemp Was Arrested for Alleged Drive-by Shooting
Shawn Kemp Was Arrested for an Alleged Drive-by Shooting

KIRO 7 in Seattle broadcast a video of the alleged incident on Wednesday night. A man is shown on camera confronting another man verbally in a mall parking lot while waving an object in his left hand. The dude then leaves in his Porsche and speeds away. KIRO 7 stated Kemp is the registered owner of the Porsche, and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office confirmed his arrest about the incident.

Several sources have confirmed to Seattle’s Fox 13 that Kemp is the shooter responsible for the drive-by.

Regular shootings occur near your hometown. Some current events are listed below for your observation-

After being drafted 17th overall in the 1989 NBA draught, Kemp played for 14 seasons in the league before retiring in 2003. Being one of the most physically and athletic players in the NBA, he played his first eight seasons with the SuperSonics and was selected to five of his six NBA All-Star teams.

In 1996, he and Gary Payton led the SuperSonics to the NBA Finals, where Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls swept them. For the next six years, he suited up for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Portland Trail Blazers, and the Orlando Magic.

Clay Travis posted a tweet on his official Twitter account on March 9, 2023, saying, “Shawn Kemp was just arrested for a drive by shooting. (No one was hit). This should make him a lock to be elected CHAZ’s next mayor.”

After leaving the NBA, Kemp continued to be active in the Seattle community, where he hoped to see the NBA return. Before opening a cannabis dispensary in Seattle in the year 2020, he was the owner of the defunct sports bar Oskar’s Kitchen in the city’s Queen Anne area.

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