Seth Rogen Says That Not Having Children Helped Him Successful

Seth Rogen, star of the cult classic “Fablemans,” and his wife Lauren Miller have been married for nearly a decade, but they have chosen not to raise a family so that Rogen may devote more time to his business his writing.

According to Female First UK, Rogen and Miller were together for seven years before marriage. Speaking on ‘The Diary of a CEO podcast, he said of not having kids: “That has helped me succeed as well, definitely.”

Explaining how he can focus more on his work, he added: “(Because) there’s a whole huge thing I’m not doing, which is raising children.”

Seth Rogen Says That Not Having Children Helped Him Successful

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While Seth told Female First UK that he and Lauren had been told they would be happier if they had children, he asserted that they have never considered their decision not to start a family and said they are free to do “whatever (they) want.”

He said: “Some people want kids. Some people don’t want kids. Honestly, you just are told, you go through life, you get married, you have kids. That’s what happens. And me and my wife, neither of us were like that. Honestly, the older we get, the more happy and reaffirmed we are with our choice to not have kids.”

“We are in the prime of our lives. We are smarter than we’ve ever been, we understand ourselves more than we ever have, we have the capacity to achieve a level of work and a level of communication and care for one another, and a lifestyle we can live with one another, that we’ve never been able to live before,” he concluded.

On 11 March 2023, Geoff Pilkington tweeted and wrote the following:

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