How To Set up Venmo With A Google Voice Number?

How do you sign up for Venmo with a Google Voice number? The answer here is no. On Venmo, you can’t sign up for a Google Voice Number. Venmo thinks of Google Voice numbers as VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) numbers. But Venmo can’t verify the account with the Google Voice Number. Venmo sees VoIP as a security risk or something against the company’s rules.

If you’re new to Venmo, you might want to know how it works or if you can use a Google Voice number. This article is all about the numbers for Venmo and Google Voice.

How To Set up Venmo With A Google Voice Number?

You can’t use Google Voice Number to set up Venmo. Users who want to sign up for Venmo using their Google Voice number must be accepted. This is because Venmo sees the Google Voice number as a VoIP, a security risk against Venmo’s rules.

Set up Venmo With A Google Voice Number
Set up Venmo With A Google Voice Number

Venmo thinks it’s important to move forward with phone verification to reduce risks and cybercrime. You must sign up for a Venmo account with a phone number or email address to use it.

If you sometimes pay with a phone number, you must sign up for your Venmo account with a valid email address or a correct phone number to receive money. After verifying your phone number, it’s easy to set up Google Voice to use on Venmo.

Verifying your phone number on Venmo is straightforward. But you can only avoid Venmo Voice number verification in one way. If you try to start this process, your Venmo account will be closed. If you can successfully verify your phone number on Venmo, you no longer have to think about it.

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Here’s how to verify your phone number on Venmo and give yourself more chances to set up Venmo with a Google Voice number.

1. Start up the app

If you don’t have a Venmo account, you’ll need to sign up for one first. Go to the Venmo website or open the app on your phone. After that, go to the next step.

2. 2. Enter the code 5 digit

After you finish the first step, Venmo will send you a 5-digit code to verify your account. You must put this code into the app or website Venmo when you open it.

3. Type in a number

If you have never used Venmo before, you must click on the icon that looks like a single person. Then click the tab that says “You.” Next, go to “Settings” and click “Change phone number.” Then, type in your phone number again.

4. Enter the code of verification sent by Venmo

Through Venmo, you will again get a 5-digit verification code in your SMS. If you get the code, use Venmo to enter it. If you don’t get the code through SMS, you must click the “resend code” button on your screen.

How do I use my Google Voice number with Venmo?

To use your Google Voice number with Venmo, you need to know what each one means and how they work together.

  1. Venmo

Venmo is a free app for Android and iPhone that lets people send and receive money. One of the best-paid apps for business transactions is Venmo.

  1.  Google Voice

Another app that gives you phone numbers linked to your current number is Google App. It lets you use the number you already have to send texts and make phone calls.

  1.  How to use

If you want to use your Google Voice number on Venmo, the voice-over-internet protocol is your current phone number ( VoIP). But it’s also true that Venmo doesn’t work with VoIP numbers because they pose security risks.

We all know Venmo is a way to send and receive money, so they are the target and can quickly spot scams. High-security standards are used to protect Venmo’s rules and keep users safe. This is why Venmo won’t let you use the Google Voice number with a VoIP number. Remember that you can’t use your Google Voice number to set up a Venmo account if you use a VoIP number. So, if you want to use your Google Voice number for Venmo, you should verify your phone number.


Venmo doesn’t work with Google Voice numbers to verify a user’s account. Venmo thinks that the Google Voice number is the voice-over-internet protocol, which is a security risk and goes against Venmo’s rules. Stay tuned for more updates on


Does Google Voice work with Venmo?

No, Venmo doesn’t work with Google Voice. This is because they see the Google Voice number as a VoIP number, which is a security risk. So, Venmo only works with phone numbers to keep things safe and stop cybercrime.

Can I use the number for Google Voice with Venmo?

You can’t use Venmo with your Google Voice number, which is too bad. Venmo doesn’t check the accounts of people who try to sign up with their Google Voice number.

Can a Google Voice number be used with Venmo?

You can’t use the Google Voice number to send money through Venmo. Venmo can’t let people use their Google Voice number to verify their Venmo account. If a Google Voice number is used with Venmo, it will be against the terms and conditions.

Do I need a phone number to use Venmo?

You can only send or receive money on Venmo after this app verifies your phone number. Any money sent to your phone number or email address won’t go to your Venmo account until your phone number has been confirmed.

Does Zelle work with numbers from Google Voice?

For Zelle enrollment, you must have a Google Voice number, a landline, or Voice over Internet Protocol. Once you do business with someone, they will automatically add you to their list of recipients, making it easy to do business with them again.