What Is Scott Boras Net Worth And Salary?

What Is Scott Boras Net Worth And Salary? Scott Boras is an American sports agent who works in baseball. He was born in Sacramento, California, in 1952 and has won many awards for his work. His father was a dairy farmer, so he grew up in a simple way. However, he quickly showed the world that he could do more. He has always loved baseball a lot and was pretty good at it. When he turned 18, he went to the University of the Pacific. There, he played baseball for the school team and set a lot of records for the school.

Scott Boras Net Worth

American sports agent Scott Boras has a $450 million net worth. Scott Boras has a lot of money because he started The Boras Corporation, a sports agency that has done very well. People often say that he is “the most powerful sports agent in the world,” and they are right. He has made a lot more money than the athletes he works with. He works mostly with baseball players and has more than 175 famous clients.

Scott Boras Net Worth
Scott Boras Net Worth

Stephen Strasburg, Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rendon, Alex Rodriguez, Matt Holliday, Manny Ramirez, and Jayson Werth are all famous people who are or have been his clients. As of this writing, Scott has negotiated contracts worth more than $2.5 billion for his clients, giving his agency an annual commission of around $100 million. Boras has worked as a sports agent for more than 30 years.

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Early Years

Scott Boras was born into a poor family. On November 2, 1952, he was born to a dairy farmer. He was born and raised in Sacramento. He went to college at the University of the Pacific and played baseball there. A lot about Scott Boras’s family and personal life is unknown. He hasn’t said much about his life before college or whether he has siblings or not.

In 1972, he was a great player with a batting average of.312. He set many records and was put in the university’s hall of fame. Then, for four years, he played baseball in the minor leagues. After that, he made the Florida State League All-Star team. Knee problems cut short his baseball career, but it was clear that playing baseball prepared him for a later job as an agent.

After his baseball career, he went to law school and got his Juris Doctor in 1982 from McGeorge School of Law. In the future, he would help big pharmaceutical companies fight lawsuits.


Even before Boras got his degree, he tried to get big athletes to sign with him. Since he had studied law, he was able to represent two players: Mike Fischlin of the Cleveland Indians and Bill Caudill of the Seattle Mariners. By the early 1980s, Boras had decided to be a baseball player. By 1983, he had helped Caudill sign a $7.5 million deal, which at the time was one of the biggest deals ever made.

After Boras’s first success, he and the Boras Corporation became almost identical. By starting a sports agency, he could make more money than he had before. He also got a reputation as a tough negotiator who could help players make more money.

In the 1980s, Boras could get the players he represented signing bonuses that broke all records. In 1990, he worked out a deal worth $1.2 million for Todd Van Poppel, a high school pitcher. In 1991, he got a high school player named Brien Taylor a signing bonus of $1.5 million. Greg Maddux signed a $28 million deal with the Atlanta Braves in 1992. Boras made the deal. The contract broke several records.

In 1996, the agent started taking advantage of holes in the rules of Major League Baseball. Using one of these loopholes, he could keep Matt White and Bobby Seay from being picked in the draught. This let them get much better contracts. Major League Baseball changed its rules because of this. It wouldn’t be the first time that Boras’ actions caused the organisation to change its rules.

In 1997, he used a little-known rule to get J.D. Drew to leave the MLB, sign with the St. Paul Saints, and then go back into the draught to sign with the Cardinals for a higher fee. The MLB changed its rules again to get rid of this loophole.

Not long after that, Boras worked out a deal for Greg Maddux that made him the highest-paid player in the game, breaking the $50 million mark in the process. Just one year later, he doubled his previous work by making a deal worth $100 million. In the years to come, the agent would keep beating his own records. One of his most important things was getting Alex Rodriguez a deal worth $252 million. He worked out a $330 million deal for Bryce Harper in 2019. He set up a $324 million deal for Gerrit Cole in the same year.

Boras is a very good negotiator, and many other examples stand out. Many of his deals don’t make sense, especially when he’s working with players who seem to have low market value, like those who are hurt, old, or very new to the game.

Affiliated Businesses

Scott Boras also makes money from a number of other companies that are part of the Boras Corporation. Boras Marketing and the Boras Training Institute are two of these. Boras hires many very qualified people, such as an economist who went to MIT, an investment team, and sports psychologists. Scott Boras also has scouts look for new talent all over the world.


Over the years, many people have said bad things about Scott Boras. As a sports agent, his main job is to make money for his clients. Because of these goals, he often goes against what people think are the “morals” of baseball and what is best for the performance and well-being of different teams. Fans and baseball officials have often said Boras only cares about making money.

Salary/Commission of Scott Boras

Scott gets a 5% commission on every deal he makes for his clients. So, he negotiated contracts worth $1.88 billion for different clients between September 2017 and September 2018. The money he made from these deals was $105 million.

In December 2019, Scott made the following deals in the span of one week:

  • Stephen Strasburg got $245 million (from the Nationals)
  • Gerrit Cole got $324 million (from the Yankees)
  • Tony Rendon got $245 million (from the Angels)

When agency fees are considered, Scott Boras got a “cut” of $40.7 million from these earnings. This gives a clear picture of how much the agent can make in a single week.

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