Scorn Release Date Confirmed For Xbox! Check Price And Availability

Scorn’s release date confirmed Xbox and PC in October 2022. Microsoft’s first-person horror adventure game Scorn has been in development since 2014, but it’s almost here.

Scorn was developed and published by Serbian game studio Ebb Software. It features disturbing, yet fascinating creatures and locations from the minds of Polish painter Zdzislaw Beksiski and Swiss artist H.R. Giger, the man behind Ridley Scott’s Alien. This shows how creepy the game will be.

Ebb Software may have had development issues, as shown in a “hostile” Kickstarter post that called out Cyberpunk 2077 and CD Projekt Red. The Scorn developers have since apologized for the post and the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 revealed a release date and more gameplay. Scorn’s release date and PC requirements are listed here.

Price And Availability Of Scorn

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can get their hands on Scorn on launch day for as little as $9.99/£7.99 on Xbox One, Xbox One S and PC. As with other highly anticipated games like Halo Infinite and Back 4 Blood, Scorn will be made available on Xbox’s subscription service at no additional cost.


We haven’t seen an official price for Scorn yet but we expect it to cost around $60. Unfortunately for PS5 and Nintendo Switch owners, Ebb Software has teamed up with Microsoft to release their terrifying horror adventure on Xbox platforms only. It will be downloadable on Steam, Epic Games and GOG.

The creators promised backers on Kickstarter that Microsoft would have no say in the game’s direction or design before agreeing to work together. As far as that went, they were extremely helpful.

They were solely concerned with securing a period of exclusivity. Once all the details were ironed out, the partnership was an easy call to make because of the many advantages it would provide to Scorn, such as increased access to funding and publicity.

Release Date Of Scorn

Scorn’s publisher, Kepler Interactive, and developer, Ebb Software, have announced the game’s new release date, which is now the first week of October. The game’s new release date is October 14, one week earlier than the previously announced October 21. The team has not provided an explanation.

Scorn Release Date Confirmed
Scorn Release Date Confirmed

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Story Of Scorn

The main plot of Scorn is shrouded in mystery and all we know about the protagonist is that he or she is thrust into a living, breathing world. What we do know is that our protagonist is disoriented in a surreal environment and must make a non-linear journey through a series of increasingly foreboding locales.

As far as we can tell, the story in Scorn is the primary focus and players are tasked with doing nothing more than surviving the nightmare. The developers have stated that each area of the “open-ended” world players explore will have its theme and story, complete with puzzles and characters that have significant roles in the world. We also know that the regions of Scorn will be laid out like a maze with numerous rooms and corridors to explore.

According to Ebb Software, “all the storytelling happens in-game with no cut-scenes to distract you from the grisly reality of the living, breathing world you’re in.” Keep your eyes peeled, the game won’t be forgiving if you fail to notice a critical detail along your tense journey. There is a method to the madness and you just have to figure it out.

We also know from a March developer update that the game’s puzzles and the maze-like structures the player encounters in the game’s eerie environments all have their own stories to tell. The creators also pointed out that the game’s atmosphere makes it feel like a walking simulator but that the game itself is much more than that because of the various creatures and puzzles players will encounter.

In this way, the narrative of the game can be pieced together as the player progresses, not unlike the way stories are told in games like Dark Souls. Nonetheless, given Scorn’s postponement, the 2022 release may see a different organizational scheme.

Scorn Gameplay

It’s possible that Scorn got lost in Steam’s vast library of horror games because it’s another first-person title. The game transitioned from a horror experience to a survival horror one as soon as Ebb Software unveiled its warped take on symbiotic weaponry.

Each of the many maze-like areas is packed with haunting puzzles to solve and ghastly foes to slay. Even though Scorn is rumored to have a wide variety of weapons, two of them have already been confirmed. A six-shot pistol and a three-barrel rifle that shoots organic spikes. Have a look at the 8-minute gameplay trailer down below, which covers the opening sequence of the game.

The trailer emphasizes that Scorn has no dialogue and instead relies on the setting to convey the story. Furthermore, Scorn “is not a shooter,” despite the presence of firearms.

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The player will have to solve puzzles and keep track of their supplies and ammunition. Players will have to weigh the pros and cons of hiding from the many monsters or taking them on to progress. Scorn may mix combat and puzzles like previous survival horror classics like Dead Space and Resident Evil.

The gameplay footage shows that combat moves more slowly than in these games, specifically during the pistol reloading sequence. This will increase the stakes of battle but players will also level up and gain access to new abilities, weapons and equipment that may improve their performance in certain areas.

The March programmer update provided a brief look at two aspects of the game: the puzzles and machinery involved in gaining access to areas. The combination of fascinating and grotesque is spot on.