Say I Love You Season 2

Say I Love You Season 2 Release Date Status And Everything We Know

For everyone who was in a serious relationship in high school, ‘Say I Love You‘ is as relatable as an anime can be. There aren’t many shoujo masterpieces like this, but when you discover one, you know you’ve found something exceptional.

Most anime these days are set in high school, but ‘Say I Love You’ is like a breath of fresh air in this genre, bringing you on a voyage through an already known narrative. Because of its peculiar cheery surroundings, you sense pleasure and grief at the same time. In contrast to the bulk of other romantic anime, this one concentrates entirely on drama and romance.

Shoujo-style sets and backgrounds are employed throughout the show’s plot. There will be usual moments between the main characters and their “love storey,” so don’t be astonished. It’s clear to understand where the narrative is headed simply by viewing the pilot episode. Every circumstance that may possibly occur in a high school romance will be portrayed in some fashion.

Of course, it isn’t the clichés themselves that raise an anime to a work of art; rather, it is how they are portrayed in a way that is both empathetic and ultimately leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. When two teens are together, they understand who they are, and they also find a route to self-fulfillment for themselves as individuals as a consequence.

The anime’s artwork does not have a very high production value. However, it’s great for a high-school context and explains to the audience what it’s all about. Each character’s emotions and body language properly reflect their personality attributes through their facial expressions and body language.

The anime’s music isn’t all that terrific, and most of the time, it’s scarcely heard at all. To be honest, the majority of the time, you’ll hear nothing more than generic, lovely music playing in the background.

Overall, ‘Say I Love You’ is a terrific program to watch if you want to experience all the feelings owing to its realistic and reassuring pictures. Unlike other Shoujo series, this one manages to fit in seamlessly without intending to do so.

To be loved by someone is a sensation we’ve all felt at least once in our lives, and the song ‘Say I Love You’ will take you back to those sentiments with its nostalgic appeal. In the next segment, we may have some news on a potential new season for folks who’ve already seen the first one.

Release Date Of Say I Love You Season 2

It debuted on October 7, 2012, and ended on December 12, 2012, for Season 1 of “Say I Love You.” A one-episode OVA was aired on July 24, 2013, as a follow-up.

As a result, many fans have been demanding for a second season of the show since it debuted in 2013. Manga, on the other hand, covers all of the manga’s current volumes. As a result, there’s a tonne of potential for the series to go forward.

Even though the possibility of a second season seemed high only a few years ago, now that the program has been on the air for more than seven years without any word from the studio, I’m starting to wonder whether we’ll ever see another one.

“Say I Love You” has the potential to be a one-season failure, even if it is still early in the game. No matter what happens with ‘Say I Love You,’ you can count on us to keep you posted on when season 2 will be available.

Say I Love You Season 2

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Plot Of Say I Love You Season 2

The core character of the play is Mei Tachibana, who believes that all of your friends will disappoint you in the end. Her present state of mind has its roots in an incident from elementary school, when the whole class blamed her for the death of the class pet. She now avoids all social situations and her classmates at all costs in order to avoid getting harmed again.

A misunderstanding leads her to meet Yamato Kurosawa, a well-known student who quickly becomes a close friend. Affectionate with Mei, Yamato insists on their friendship despite Mei’s disdain towards the popular guy. It’s the day after the chase that Mei kisses Yamato that she starts to fall in love with him.

In time, their feelings for one another reach a critical stage. Thus, they take the leap and start dating. After all these years, Mei finally has a partner and a decent friend. Her emotions for Yamato are strong, but she is troubled by her past failings and struggles to express them.

Beginning with Mei and Yamato’s search for self-awareness before entering into a relationship, we learn about their struggles to find each other. “I Love You” is one of the most crucial “magical” words for children to learn. “I’m in love with you.”

Cast Of Say I Love You Season 2

Yamato Kurosawa

His high school peers love Yamato Kurosawa since he is the show’s key male protagonist. As a consequence of seeing one of his childhood friends being bullied, Yamato has acquired a strong sense of self-preservation. He started to avoid this pal in public places in order to avoid being bullied.

To this day, he is still overly protective since he feels bad about the way he treated his one friend back in the day. Because of her uniqueness from the rest of the group, he quickly develops feelings for Mei and ends up falling in love with her. It’s important to him that she is happy as long as they are together, and he will go to tremendous measures for her well-being.

Mei Tachibana

In addition to being the show’s major female protagonist, Mei Tachibana also serves as the show’s love interest. Her skin tone is fair, her hair is brown, and her eyes are brown. Since she is so thin, slouches are a typical sight.

Despite the fact that she seldom smiles or blushes around Yamato, she’s frequently spotted doing so when she’s with him. As the novel proceeds, her hair grows to her shoulders.

Regardless of how close you get to someone, Mei has always maintained her distance. In the classroom, she keeps a grim face and only speaks when absolutely required.

In the beginning, Yamato’s faith and commitment to their connection let her understand that people weren’t all that horrible. Over time, she gains confidence in social situations and expands her circle of acquaintances. Even though she’s changed, she still struggles with telling Yamato how she feels. This causes a lot of confusion, yet they always manage to figure things out.

End Lines

Mei’s final words, “I love you,” may be heard in the closing credits, neatly putting the series to a finish. Cookies are being prepared at Mei’s apartment by Mei, Aiko, Asami, and Nagi. The cookies have been prepared and taste wonderful at Mei’s residence. Yamato offers Mei a bear hug and expresses his thanks for her attendance.

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