Russia recommends producers suspend fertilizer exports

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Illustrative picture.| Photo: Pixabay


Russia recommended this Friday (4th) that the country’s fertilizer producers suspend exports amid logistical problems caused by the war with Ukraine.

04165315″In view of the current situation of foreign logistics operators the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Russia was obliged to recommend to Russian producers the temporary suspension of the shipment of fertilizers for export”, said a statement from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the country in a press release.

The decision of the Russian government would be related to the disorganization of the export logistics chain, affected since the beginning of the war with Ukraine in the last week.

“Failures in the shipment of fertilizers can directly affect the national security of several countries and cause serious consequences in the form of food shortages for hundreds of millions of people in the medium term”, says the note from the Russian ministry. With information from the newspaper “Folha de S. Paulo”.