Ruggero Deodato Cause of Death: ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ Director Has Died At Age 83

Ruggero Deodato cause of death has been kept secret, but on December 29, 2022, his death was confirmed. The man who made the controversial movie “Cannibal Holocaust” has died. He was 83 years old.

Italian news outlets like Il Post and Il Messagero were the first to say that Ruggero Deodato had died today (December 29).

His career included comedy, drama, peplum, poliziottesco, and science fiction, among other things. The director is probably best known for making realistically violent and bloody horror movies.

The best film by Deodato is Cannibal Holocaust, which is thought to be one of the most violent and controversial movies ever made. It was taken away, banned, or heavily edited in many countries.

The special effects in the movie were so real that Ruggero was arrested on suspicion of murder because of them. People say that it was the first film like The Blair Witch Project or The Last Broadcast that used found footage.

The movie made Ruggero even more well-known as an “extreme” director, and in France, people called him “Monsieur Cannibal.” He influenced people like Quentin Tarantino, Oliver Stone, and Eli Roth, who all went on to make movies.

About two dozen movies and TV shows were made by the director. At the time of his death, he was also working on a video game called Borneo: A Jungle Nightmare that was about cannibals.

From 1971 to 1979, Deodato was married to the great actress Silvia Dionisio. The director was married and had a son. Micaela Rocco was the woman he was with.

In 2019, a film called Deodato Holocaust was made about his life and work to honour him. It was made by Felipe M. Guerra, a Brazilian director, and it came out at the Fantaspoa Film Festival in Brazil in May of that year.

The documentary is a collection of interviews that Felipe M. Guerra did with Deodato. Images from Deodato’s movies and personal photos were used to put the discussions together. In Germany and Sweden, Deodato Holocaust came out on Blu-Ray in 2021.

What Was Ruggero Deodato Cause of Death?

Leggo, an Italian news company, said that Ruggero Deodato had died on December 29, 2022. At this time, no one knows what happened to Ruggero that caused him to die.

Ruggero Deodato Cause of Death
Ruggero Deodato Cause of Death

The Guardian says that Ruggero grew up in the Italian town of Potenza and worked as an assistant director on several Italian movies in the 1960s, such as Sergio Corbucci’s western Django.

By the 1970s, Ruggero was an independent director who made comedies, crime movies, musicals, and, most famously, horror movies. Ruggero was arrested because his movie, “Cannibal Holocaust,” had scenes of animals being hurt and tortured, which is why he was arrested.

After the articles said that the deaths in the movie were real, he was charged with obscenity and murder. When Ruggero’s supposed dead actors defended him in court, the charges against him were dropped. However, the producers of the film were charged with animal cruelty.

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Tribute To Ruggero Deodato

“Saddened to hear that Italian exploitation cinema preeminence Ruggero Deodato (seen here cameoing in HOSTEL II as a client politely dining on the flesh of a living human captive) has passed. We need more absolute freaks like him,” Charles Bramesco wrote.

Another fan wrote: “RIP Ruggero Deodato. Cannibal Holocaust remains one of the most brutally effective horror movies ever made, not to mention the inspiration for the entire found footage sub genre.”

“Farewell to a Master. He was innovate and bold and a little bit mad. He was kind and open with young filmmakers. He will be missed. RIP Ruggero Deodato,” one Twitter user wrote.

Brandon Streussnig tweeted: “RIP to the incredible Ruggero Deodato, so much great stuff to choose from but he’ll always have a special place for me because of The Barbarians. Only he could’ve made a movie like this look so good and feel so loved in. The Barbarian Brothers never looked better.”

Paying tribute to Ruggero following news of his death, someone cited The Barbarians as one of their favorites.

“Heartbroken at the passing of the one and only Ruggero Deodato. His work will forever be impactful and influential. He did so much for my favourite silly little genre as well as Italian cinema as a whole. Thank you for everything, you will forever be cherished,” a social media user shared.

Another tweeted: “RIP Ruggero Deodato. Cannibal Holocaust will forever reign supreme as one of the most singular pieces of shock cinema ever made. A true craftsman who could turn his hand to any genre, too. Back in 2011, I got to interview him, and it’s a memory I’ll never forget.”

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