Rishi Sunak Issues Call ‘To Protect Planet For Our Children’ At COP27 Summit

Rishi Sunak Issues Call ‘To Protect Planet For Our Children’ At COP27 Summit

Rishi Sunak asked world leaders on Monday to do more to stop global warming so that “our children and grandchildren” can live in a safe world. At the start of the COP27 summit in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, the Prime Minister, who has two young daughters, made the plea.

As the world hurtles toward global warming of more than two degrees Centigrade above pre-industrial levels, Mr. Sunak stressed the need to keep it to 1.5, which was the goal at the COP26 summit in Glasgow last year. Few countries, though, have increased their national goals to fight climate change and avoid the threat of floods, storms and heatwaves that could be very bad.

In response to the lack of action, Mr. Rishi Sunak tweeted, “Today, I will join world leaders at @COP27. “For the sake of our children and grandchildren, we must live up to Glasgow’s legacy and protect the planet’s future.”

But Mr. Sunak, who at first said he wouldn’t go to the conference, has been criticized at home because the government is against new onshore wind farms and issuing new oil and gas licenses.

World Has ‘Small Window’ To Keep To 1.5C, Warns Climate Scientist

A climate scientist said before COP27 that the world has a “really, really small window” to meet the goal of keeping global warming to 1.5C. Professor Hannah Cloke told BBC Radio 4’s Today Program, “The time we have to change course is getting shorter and shorter and it feels like we’re just talking and not doing anything. As a climate scientist, this is terrible and very, very frustrating.”

“People tell scientists like me who come on your show, ‘Stick to the facts, don’t scare people and don’t give your opinion.’ But scientists have been doing that for 30 years with increasing alarm and we just don’t have the widespread action that’s needed.”

When asked if the 1.5C target for the rise in global temperatures is still alive or “way off,” she said, “We are so close to being way off, so we have this really, really small window to keep to that.”

“I think that most climate scientists are very worried that we won’t be able to survive.

“To be honest, it’s a little bit arbitrary, because every tenth of a degree we can stop means fewer bad things will happen in the future. But it’s good to have a goal because it means we can take action and put money into technology, changing how we live and cutting emissions.

“What we should really be thinking about is that the more we do right now, the better things will be in the future. This means fewer bad floods, droughts and storms at the coast.”

Sunak: ‘We Must Honor Promises of Glasgow And COP26′

Rishi Sunak said at the start of a busy day of UN talks in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, that the world must “live up to the legacy” of the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow last year. The Prime Minister sent out a tweet that said, “Today, I’ll be joining leaders from all over the world at (Cop27).

“For the sake of our children and grandchildren, we must live up to Glasgow’s legacy and protect the planet’s future.”

Sunak Meets With EU president for COP27 talks

Rishi Sunak talked with Ursula von der Leyen, who is the president of the EU Commission, at the UN Cop27 climate summit in Egypt. The meeting is one-on-one and it comes at a time when there are still problems with the bloc over how to implement the Northern Ireland Protocol. The Ukraine war and the energy crisis are also likely to come up during the talks between the two leaders.

At the start of the meeting, they both smiled and thanked the press. It’s the first time the new Prime Minister has gone abroad since he took office two weeks ago. As COP27 starts, a British-Egyptian activist in jail starts a “water strike.” A British-Egyptian activist who is in jail and on hunger strike has stopped drinking water, his sister said, to coincide with the start of COP27.

Rishi Sunak Issues Call ‘To Protect Planet For Our Children’ At COP27 Summit
Rishi Sunak Issues Call ‘To Protect Planet For Our Children’ At COP27 Summit

Alaa Abd El-Fattah, a writer and democracy activist, has spent most of the last ten years in prison. For the past six months, he has been on a partial hunger strike to get access to the UK consulate.

Family members say that the activist also started a water strike at 10 a.m. local time on Sunday before the Sharm el-Sheikh conference started. Mr. Fattah was an important part of the Arab Spring protests in 2011. He is currently serving a five-year sentence for spreading false information.

His sister, Sanaa Seif, has said that she is worried that her brother might die before the COP27 summit is over. Rishi Sunak has promised to talk about his country’s situation at the international meeting in Egypt.

Sturgeon: Rich countries have obligation to help poorer countries fight climate change

Nicola Sturgeon said more about climate change during her broadcast round. She said that richer countries, which are mostly to blame for climate change, have a responsibility to help those who are suffering from it. She told the BBC, “I think this Cop is a chance for people from the global north and the global south to get together and talk like adults about how we can make progress.”

“We need to stop climate change and help countries adapt to its effects, but as we’ve seen over the past year, especially in Pakistan, there are many parts of the world that are already suffering losses and damage that can’t be stopped or fixed.”In the spirit of solidarity, the richer countries that have caused most of the climate change should now make a big effort to help the countries that are dealing with its effects.”

Sturgeon: The pledges made at Glasgow must be kept.

Nicola Sturgeon, who is the First Minister of Scotland, said that it is important for COP27 to build on COP26, which was held in Glasgow last year. From Cop27 in Egypt, she told BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland, “I think Glasgow was a success. We didn’t get everything we had hoped for going into Glasgow, but I think the feeling coming out of COP26 was that it was a good foundation to build on.”

“It will only matter if it is put into action. The commitments to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius, climate finance, mitigation, adaptation and most importantly, loss and damage, have to be put into action now and that is what this COP in Egypt is all about.

“So, what happens here in the next couple of weeks is now crucial to our chances of keeping 1.5 alive and, to be blunt, saving the planet for generations to come.”

Shapps says that Sunak can go to COP27 because a “vast amount of work” has been done on the budget. Good morning and welcome to our report on everything that happened on the first day of the COP27 conference.

Business Secretary Grant Shapps said this morning that Rishi Sunak can go to COP27 because “a huge amount” of work on the upcoming autumn budget has already been done.

He told Sky News, “I think the Chancellor is still working very hard on it and I know that I’ve been working with the PM and the Chancellor on the business, climate and energy parts of that.

“I think most of the work has been done, so Mr. Sunak thought it was time to leave the country. But as always, his top priority is to make sure that things are stable here, especially after the rough patch we’ve been through.’

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