#RIPTwitter Trends on Twitter As Thousands Leave Twitter

Twitter might be about to stop working. This last stand from the platform could lead to the last trend on the popular social media site: #RIPTwitter. According to reports, thousands of people are leaving the giant because they don’t agree with Elon Musk’s pitch for “Twitter 2.0,” and millions of users are worried.

Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion less than a month ago. Since then, Twitter has gone downhill quickly.

The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla hit the ground running. In his first days at the company, he fired key employees and laid off thousands more. After his rumored “Twitter 2.0” ultimatum, the number of employees dropped from around 7,500 to less than 4,000 and it’s only getting worse.

Elon Musk gave employees until November 17 to commit to the new direction of the social media platform or leave. According to reports, about 75% of the remaining 3,700 employees said no to the proposal.

Musk has now blocked their access to Twitter resources and their credit cards. As a result, thousands of employees quit their jobs. Big names from all over Twitter have left and many current and former employees worry that the platform, which has about 238 million daily users, will break with only a small team to keep it running.

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In the midst of all the chaos caused by Twitter Blue’s verification mess, advertisers leaving and fears that the algorithm will favor paid users, Twitter users are preparing for a world without the platform. And, of course, that means that #RIPTwitter could be the last trend.

Twitter’s living wake kicked off with Elon’s 5 PM deadline

We don’t know how many Twitter employees looked at Elon Musk’s offer to “take three months’ severance or agree to stay and get Xtreme” and decided to leave, but it seems like a lot of them did. Reports from my coworkers Alex Heath and Mia Sato say that when whole important teams leave Twitter, people who know it well think that it’s only a matter of time before things break down. The New York Times says that Musk and his advisors pulled some “critical” employees into meetings and tried to convince them to stay as time ran out.

So, if this is the end of Twitter, all that’s left to do is… tweet about it.

People are making plans to move to Instagram. Mastodon, MySpace, or even older names, but it’s clear that most of the active posts are in one of the five stages of grief.

The mood has changed from denial to making room for acceptance and bargaining. Surprisingly, there isn’t much anger.

Even the man who spent months trying to back out of his $44 billion bid before being forced to make good on it and skyrocketing up the Go90 scale of doomed services in pursuit of a $7.99 per month pipe dream.

Yes, he’s doing it all while tweeting.

The microservices are still up and running (for now), so now seems like a good time to post that tweet, whether it’s an extreme opinion, a risky direct message, or just another pointless thought before we all move on to wasting time somewhere else.

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