Ricky martin divorce

Ricky Martin Opens Up About The Issues He Faced With Husband Jwan Yousef

One of the most stable couples in the entertainment business is Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef. Despite their propensity to keep their private lives private, the Puerto Rican singer opened up about some of the difficulties he and his husband have encountered in El Break de las 7 (Univision) with Chiquinquirá Delgado. Like any marriage, the singer and the artist have had challenges despite appearing to have a flawless life throughout their four-year partnership.

With babies, Lucia and Renn, who were born in 2018 and 2019, and twins Matteo and Valentino, who are 11 years old, Ricky and Jwan have a lovely family. Joy abounds in a home filled with kids, but there are also some challenges.

In his conversation with ‘Chiqui’ Delgado, Ricky spoke from the heart in a way he had never done before and discussed the issues that had caused their 2016-starting relationship to feel a little unsteady.

Ricky Martin and his daughter

Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef announced on December 31 that they had given birth to a girl they called Lucia. In the last weeks of the year, just around Ricky’s birthday on December 24, the baby was born.

“Luca Martin-Yosef, who we have named, is a beautiful and healthy girl, and we are thrilled to announce that we are now parents. Without a doubt, this has been a birthday and Christmas that we will never forget. The best gift we could have been given was the gift of life, and Jwan and I, as well as her brothers, are utterly in love with our little one.

Ricky martin divorce

Ricky Martin and his husband, Jwan Yosef

The La Mordidita singer admitted to ‘Chiqui’ Delgado that once Lucia was born in 2018, he had a dramatic transformation. The Puerto Rican artist apparently didn’t want anything or anyone to bother his infant.

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Protective father

Ricky felt quite protective of Lucia because she was their first child together, to the point where he did not want anyone to approach his tiny blue-eyed kid.

Mommy’s girl
Ricky laughed and said that he had to hold his infant for a very long time before anyone else could get close. “I kept everyone from touching her for months.”

Ricky Martin and Lucia

He admitted with greater sincerity: “I had issues with my husband because he would say, ‘Let me alter her,’ and I would respond, ‘No! I’m going to make her different. The singer can be seen acting like a protective father in this image, which Jwan took in May 2019. The musician said in his interview with “Chiqui” that the ladies who mean the most to him are the ideal mothers for his kids. “Two parents, two boys, and the maternal figures I have—my mother, my sister, and friends—are here—really it’s different.”

The best Grandmother

Fortunately, as Ricky said, he and Jwan have many individuals in their lives who assist them in taking care of the youngest member of their family. like his mother, Doa Nereida Morales, who takes care of her grandchildren, particularly Lucia and Renn, who are two and eight months old, respectively. Fortunately, things have changed in the Los Angeles home that Ricky and Jwan share with their kids. The musician, 48, now permits others close to him to spend time with his infant daughter and his older kids.

Daddy’s favorite

Despite the fact that Ricky now permits his loved ones to be close to Lucia, the lovely woman will always be known as the “girl of eyes.” What will happen when Lucia matures into a stunning young lady? She will have the unwavering protection of Ricky, Jwan, Matteo, Valentino, and Renn!

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