Ray Liotta Cause of Death: How Did He Died?

Several sources say that Ray Liotta, a Hollywood legend, died at age 67. TMZ says that the actor from “Goodfellas” was killed in the Dominican Republic while making a new movie.

When a well-known and liked person dies, fans want to know what happened. Over his many years in the business, Ray built up a large fan base of people who liked his movies and TV shows and cared about him as a person. His death will be a big loss for many people for a long time.

Ray Liotta Cause of Death

As is usually the case when a well-known person dies, there aren’t many details about why Ray died.

Ray Liotta Cause of Death
Ray Liotta Cause of Death

A source close to Ray told TMZ that he died peacefully in the Dominican Republic while filming the John Barr thriller Dangerous Waters.

A quick look at Ray’s personal Instagram account shows that he hasn’t made any recent or ongoing public statements about his health. Three weeks ago, a famous person talked about something else: a movie called Cocaine Bear.

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Ray Liotta Leaves Behind A Daughter, Karsen Liotta, And His Fiancée, Jacy Nittolo

In February 1997, Ray married actress and producer Michelle Grace. Their daughter is Karsen Liotta, who was born in December 1998. Ray and Michelle split up in 2004.

Karsen, now 23 years old, has become an actor, just like her parents. She was the main character in Hubie Halloween and had a recurring role in Shades of Blue. On June 9, Karsen wrote a touching post on Instagram about her late father. Karsen said, “In a picture of Ray holding me when I was a child, it says, “Those who knew him loved him.” You are the perfect father for a child. I care about you. I’m grateful for everything.”

Ray’s fiancee, Jacy Nittolo, posted a picture on Instagram on Christmas Day in 2020 to announce their marriage. On both of their public social media pages, you can find photographs of Jacy and Ray having fun together.

TMZ says that Jacy was with Ray in the Dominican Republic when he died. While we wait to hear more about Ray’s death, we pray for his family, friends, and fans worldwide.

Last Lines

His publicist tells ABC News that Ray Liotta, who was in the movie “Goodfellas,” has died at age 67. There was no information about why he died, but there are unconfirmed reports that he died in his sleep while making Dangerous Waters in the Dominican Republic.

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