Rangbaaz Phirse Season 3 Release Date Status, Renewed Status, Cast, Plot & Other Details

No third season for Rangbaaz, despite the huge popularity of the show and enthusiastic reception it received in its first and second seasons, has been announced by Zee5. The second season of Rangbaaz has given us a look into the life of the series’ protagonist, Anandpal Singh aka Amarpal Singh. A gangster from Rajasthan in India.

On December 21 and 22, last year, ZEE5 aired the first season of the show. The channel and the show’s creators decided to renew “Rangbaaz Phirse” for a second season in October of this year. The second season premiered on December 20th, 2019. The series has an IMDB approval rating of 90% and an 8 rating. This action web series received a mixed reception when compared to other similar ones.

Overall, I was impressed with the cast and each character’s performance. You’ll get tired of the show’s songs pretty quickly in both seasons. The series is, however, a great one.

In terms of the eagerly anticipated third season, I can only tell you that no information has been made public about it. The release date for Season 3 will be announced very soon ( if it will release ). As in Seasons 1 and 2, the third season will follow the same pattern. As a bonus, it will shed light on the criminal pasts of some well-known gangsters. Until the official announcement is made, let’s stop speculating

The Rangbaaz Phirse Season 3 Has Begun Filming?

The first season’s main character is Shri Prakash Shukla. The life of an average college student suddenly experiences a full shift. Due to a high-risk conduct and a gangster’s support, he became the second-most notorious criminal. Sidharth Pandey, a police officer, is on the hunt for Shri Prakash.

The mobster of Rajasthan, Anandpal Singh, will be the subject of the future season’s investigation. When this young man succumbs to political ideology, caste dominance, and an ill-advised vision of the world as it is, he ends up destroying his own life. His rise to power in the criminal underworld and subsequent transition into a horrible gangster are also explored in the show.

Rangbaaz Phirse Season 3

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Cast Of Rangbaaz Phirse Season 3 

“Rajasthan’s most wanted and dangerous criminal,” they called him. Rangbaaz Season 2 featured his illicit liquor business as well.

The cast members of Rangbaaz Phirse – Season 2 are listed below.

  • Amar Pal Singh, portrayed by Jimmy Shergil in the film.
  • Raja Phogat, portrayed by Sharad Kelkar
  • Mohammed In the role of Sanjay Singh, Zeeshan Ayyub Meena
  • Mahima Makwana portrays Vaishali ‘Chiku’ Singh in the film.
  • Gul Panag in the role of Anupriya.
  • Sushant Singh is Jai Ram Godara in this scene.
  • Sundar Singh Chauhan’s son, Harsh Chhaya
  • Ahlawat: Chetan Pandit as Minister of the Interior
  • Played by Amit Sial, Balram Rathi
  • Rukmini is played by Spruha Joshi.
    As Madhu Godavari, Sonam Arora takes to the screen.

Storyline Of Rangbaaz Phirse Season 3

On Star Plus, there are nine episodes of Power Game, Sabki Samadhi, Dhande Ka, Ganit, Over and Out, Savdhani Hati, Durghatna Ghati, Chakravyuh Hai – Phans Jaayega, Girgit, Rang Birang and Surrender of Rangbaz Phirse in Season 2. Season 2 is divided into nine parts.

It’s worth noting that there are nine episodes in the first season of Rangbaaz with the following titles: Gangster Ka Phone, Coming of Age, Naam Hai Ram Shankar Tiwari, Shiv Prakash Kiske Saath Hai; Mata Ka Jagarta; Aparahan; and Criminal At The National Level.

Season 1 of Rangbaaz was released on December 21, 2018; Season 2 was released on December 20, 2019. It will premiere in late 2021 if the show is renewed.

Rangbaaz was directed by Bhav Dhulia, who also served as producer. Action, mystery, and biography all find a home in Rangbaaz.

Filming for the Indian series Rangbaaz has been completed by JAR Pictures. They worked together with Vinamrata Rai and Rahul Rawat and Pankaj Batra as well as Muhitt Agarwal and Rakesh Bhagwani.

In addition to Tojo Xavier and Nandkishor, the film’s cinematography and editing were handled by the duo. The distributor was Zee5. Until further notice, the first two seasons of Rangbaaz can be viewed on the OTT platform Zee5.

Trailer Of Rangbaaz Phirse Season 3

We don’t know when or where the trailer for the upcoming season will be released, so we’ll have to wait for that as well. Season 3 is introduced in the following video. You, too, can take it all in from a seated position.

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End lines

It is based on the life of Amar Singh, a gangster in the state of Rajasthan, who was known as Anandpal Singh. The series tells the story of how he became the most wanted criminal in Rajasthan’s history.

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