Princess Charlotte Burst Into Tears At Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral

Princess Charlotte Burst Into Tears At Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral: After Monday’s funeral service for her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Charlotte Cried openly.

As the gun carriage carrying the Queen’s body was replaced with a hearse, the 7-year-old boy became visibly upset. Kate Middleton, her mother, consoled her. UK’s Daily Star noted that Charlotte might have said “ow” when the photo was taken because she was startled by a pinch from Prince George.

After they finished talking, Camilla, the Queen’s Consort, leaned forward and whispered something to the kids. Prince Louis, 4, was left at home as his older siblings, Charlotte, 9, and George. Also, a prince attended the sad funeral. Ahead of their parents’ procession down the aisle at Westminster Abbey on Monday, the royal children arrived to join their father, Prince Charles.

Princess Charlotte Burst Into Tears At Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral
Princess Charlotte Burst Into Tears At Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral

George and Charlotte were respectful and behaved beautifully throughout the funeral. Princess Charlotte wore a black dress and a diamond horseshoe brooch. Reportedly given to her by her late great-grandmother, the only daughter of the Prince and Princess of Wales is claimed to share the Queen’s passion for horses.

Since the Queen’s death on September 8 at the age of 96, this was the first time the public had seen the royal children.

Middleton, 40 years old, told Australia’s Governor-General David Hurley on Saturday that her youngest kid, Louis, has been “asking questions” about the monarch’s death.

During a royal walkabout, the former Duchess of Cambridge revealed last week that George now has a deeper grasp of his great-death. Grandmother’s Royal admirers were overjoyed by the presence of George, Charlotte, and Louis at various June events commemorating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. In addition, the young lady seemed to be a strict adherent to royal customs.

During the Trooping the Colour parade, Charlotte was observed correcting the behavior of both of her brothers. On the way to Buckingham Palace in the carriage, Charlotte decided to gently correct Louis. As she tucked her hand into her lap, she reached across to bring her brother down, where he had been waving frantically.

Charlotte also noticed her older brother sitting next to her had his hand resting on the balcony as they watched the Platinum Jubilee Pageant march.

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