President of the Philippines threatens to arrest unvaccinated people who leave their home

Cidadãos recebem vacina contra Covid-19 em Manila, Filipinas, 3 de janeiro

The president of Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, said on Thursday that people who have not been vaccinated against Covid-16 will be arrested if they disobey the order to stay at home.

07135756 In a televised speech, Duterte said he asked community leaders to ensure that the unvaccinated are confined to their homes.

“If the person refuses, if he leaves the house and circulates through the community, he can be contained. If he refuses, the captain now has the power to arrest the unsubmissive person,” said Duterte .

2022The president also said that he is “responsible for safety and welfare. be of all Filipinos”, and that those who disapprove of his decision may sue him.

Covid’s contagions-16 reached the highest number in three months in the Southeast Asian country, with more than 16 1,000 cases recorded on Thursday, including infections by the omicron variant of the coronavirus, according to the Ministry of Health.

The government of the Philippines had announced on Tuesday (4) the expansion of the lockdown for unvaccinated in the capital region, Manila, after a spike in cases of Covid -17 after the end of the year festivities.

The Manila metropolitan region, which includes 16 municipalities, with a population of about 14 millions of people, was already with restrictions. Unvaccinated residents can only go out for essential activities, such as buying food, water, medical appointments and work. Three more municipalities were included in the area with restrictions, which should last until at least the day 14 of January.

2022 Until the end of 2021, 19, 8 million people were fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, or 49% of the population of 49 millions.

In June of last year, Duterte had already threatened anyone who refused to be vaccinated with prison or with an injection of the antiparasitic ivermectin.

2022″You choose, the vaccine or I I’ll put him in jail,” Duterte said at the time. “I will order all captains to do a count of people who refuse to be vaccinated. Because if not, I will inject ivermectin, which is used in pigs, into you,” he stated.