Mattel Introduces Pregnant Ken Doll

Mattel Introduces Pregnant Ken Doll. Mattel, Inc. did not say that the next version of Barbie and Ken will include a doll of Ken who is pregnant. The image of a pregnant male doll going around online came from a satirical website called Babylon Bee, but many people online thought it was real because of the image and the claim.

One person posted a picture of a pregnant Ken and a Barbie doll with the words, “Apparently the new Barbie and Ken doll set shows Ken pregnant? Any parent who buys this is weird and shouldn’t be a parent. These people who make toys have lost all morals, values, and common sense.

Another person said on Facebook, “Soon, children all over the United States will have a Barbie and Ken doll expecting a baby, but Ken will be carrying the baby and not Barbie.”

Pregnant Ken Doll
Pregnant Ken Doll

Here, here, and here are other places where the claim has been shared on social media.

A Mattel representative told Reuters, “A male doll that is pregnant is not a Mattel product.”

A reverse image search shows that the image shared online came from Babylon Bee, a satirical website. On May 10, 2022, Babylon Bee published an article titled “Mattel Unveils New Pregnant Ken Doll.” 

Babylon Bee says it is “the best satire site in the world” and that all of its truth claims are 100% accurate (

Reuters has talked about satirical posts that tricked people online before.


Satire. Mattel, Inc., which makes toys, has not made a doll of Ken who is pregnant. The image circulating online and the associated claims originated from a satirical website.

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