Pope Francis says “war is madness” and preaches dialogue on Ukraine


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Líder da Igreja Católica pediu orações para que as conversas no Formato da Normandia reduzam a escalada militar no leste europeu

Catholic Church leader asked for prayers for Normandy Format conversations to reduce escalation military in Eastern Europe| Photo: EFE/EPA/VATICAN MEDIA

“We continue to ask the God of peace, so that the tensions and threats of war are overcome through a serious and so that the conversations in the Normandy Format can contribute to this objective”, said the leader of the Catholic Church, during a general audience held in the Paul VI room, in the Vatican.

Francis referred to the negotiation system, which includes Ukraine’s political leaders and Russia, as well as Germany and France.

“Let’s not forget: war is madness”, said the pope, who thanked the people who responded to the request he made for the day 20 last January was dedicated to prayers for peace on the Ukrainian border.

On that occasion, Francis asked to pray for Ukraine, “to that in that land brotherhood can flourish and wounds, fears and divisions are overcome”, as well as that “among those responsible for the planet”, “dialogue and the common good” prevail.

The situation in the region continues to be tense, after the Russia has concentrated more than 100 a thousand soldiers on the border with Ukrainian territory, while negotiations between the main world leaders continue to resolve the crisis.

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