Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Review And Price

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Review: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the newest game in the mainline pocket monster series. It has now been reviewed. Like other major games in the series, Scarlet and Violet adds a lot of new Pokemon, gives players a huge new area to explore, and adds a few new ways to play to the series’ signature “gotta catch ’em all” formula.

So far, reviews have praised the game’s colorful setting in Paldea and the smart changes made to the gameplay. The technical side of Scarlet and Violet has been criticized by more than one source, as this latest chapter has a lot of problems with how it works.

Jake Dekker wrote in GameSpot’s Pokemon Scarlet and Violet review that while Pokemon Legends: Arceus hinted at what an open-world Pokemon game could be, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fully embraces it. “This new take on the tried-and-true Pokemon formula gives the main series a new lease on life and gives us one of the hardest and most rewarding Pokemon adventures to date.”

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a 78 Metascore based on 36 reviews on GameSpot’s sister site Metacritic, where you can read a roundup of reviews.

GameSpot – 8/10

“Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are still the best mainline Pokemon games in years, even though the presentation and graphics aren’t as good as they could be. They build on Pokemon Legends: Arceus’s open-ended design in some clever and surprising ways, and they keep the same level of depth that the main series is known for.” — Jake Dekker 

VGC – 4/5

“Scarlet and Violet always make the right choice. The huge expansion and changes to the single-player campaign are great. The size of the world and the fun of exploring it are the best in the series, and the new Pokemon and battle mechanics all work well together. But it’s hard not to think about how much better the game would feel on more powerful hardware, or even if it just ran well enough on Switch.” — Jordan Middler [Full review]

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Review
Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Review

VG247 – 4/5

“The best thing I can say about this game is that it feels more than ever like the anime. Part of that is because the art keeps getting better and more like the TV show. Part of this is because of the feeling of openness, which makes you feel like this is your adventure and not just a ride on someone else’s. On balance, Legends: Areus might be a little better because it takes a completely different approach, but Scarlet & Violet has a great vibe that is hard to get rid of. What a year it has been to like Pokemon!”  — Alex Donaldson [Full review]

Inverse – 7/10

“Pokemon Scarlet and Violet live up to their promise of being open-world Pokémon games that don’t focus on grinding. Fans have wanted them to move forward for years, and they do, but not quite far enough. If the next mainline entry gets rid of or improves some of the features that aren’t needed and adds level scaling, Pokemon will finally be the best it has ever been.”– Jess Reyes [Full review]

Nintendo Life – 7/10

“We still have a lot of ideas for how we’d like the Pokémon series to change, but Pokemon Scarlet & Violet makes us excited about what’s to come. We really hope that Game Freak can figure out how to fix the series’ ongoing performance problems on Switch because they will annoy some players and become a major problem over time. Scarlet & Violet is most fun and exciting when you are just exploring the world. It adds and improves on the Pokemon formula in many small ways, but it still plays it safe in a few places.” — Alana Hagues [Full review]

GamesRadar – 3/5

“The basic mechanics of Pokemon haven’t changed much, so it’s still catching, battling, and training as you remember. That may be enough for some fans, but Generation 9 is harder to recommend to those who need more reasons to keep playing the series since it has technical problems, mechanical mistakes, and a lack of direction. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet should have been a bright and bold entry that set the series up for future growth, but the attempt to update while staying true to the past hasn’t really worked. — Joel Franey [Full review]


The role-playing video games (RPGs) Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet are coming out in 2022 for the Nintendo Switch. They were made by Game Freak and will be sold by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. They were announced in February 2022 and will come out on November 18, 2022. They are the first games in the ninth generation of Pokémon games. Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates. NogMagazine.com